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Roger Blackwell - Saving America

March 17, 2015

Roger Blackwell is a Principal at Blackwell Business Advisors, and an author of 40 books. His new book is Saving America, and is based on 4 decades of working with entrepreneurs and being a retired professor at The Ohio State University.

Questions Discussed:

1) Who are the readers your new book, Saving America, is written for?

2) What is the most surprising conclusion about which entrepreneurs are successful?

3) Who are some of the firms or entrepreneurs featured in your new book, Saving America?

Contact Info: 

Email Address: rblackwe@columbus.rr.com

Website: www.rogerblackwellbusiness.com

Bonus Material: 

Books available on Amazon: Saving America. Other best selling books include: Consumer Behavior, the first textbook on Consumer Behavior available in several languages and used in universities throughout the world, Brands That Rock (branding based on rock and roll legends), Customers Rule! (analysis of what works in online marketing), and From Mind to Market (with Les Wexner, Founded of Limited and CEO of Victoria's Secret)

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