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Lynn Taylor - Optimizing Your Business with The Core Values Index Assessment

March 2, 2017


Lynn Taylor is the president and CEO of Taylor Protocols. He works with businesses to ensure that everyone is in the right seat doing the right work. 

Questions Answered: 

1. What is unique about the CVI?
2. How is the CVI being used?
3. Why did you create the CVI?
4. What is your vision for the future with the CVI?

Contact Info: 

Website: https://taylorprotocols.com/ 
Email: lynn@taylorprotocols.com 

Bonus Material: 

Go to www.TaylorProtocols.com any time today, click on the big green button that says Take Your FREE CVI. It takes less than 10 minutes. Everyone who takes the CVI today will be upgraded for free to the full, comprehensive report.

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