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The Ultimate Diet Revolution - Jim Karas

August 28, 2020

Karas_Jim_b0gpu.pngJim Karas, of Jim Karas Personal Training, accidentally became a fitness instructor in 1986 and now has been a lifestyle expert for over 30 years. He’s authored several books, including “The Ultimate Diet Revolution,” and additionally secured his place as a well-sought after keynote speaker. Jim is a frequent contributor to shows like Dr. Oz and Good Morning America - he even was Diane Sawyer’s personal trainer and helped her lose over 25 pounds. While some may consider his approach to getting the best out of your mind and body to be controversial, he is prepared to tell you what others may not. 

Coming from the business world, Jim approaches well-being as though it’s a business plan. He knows the value of an individual’s time and that they’ll have a better chance for success when they’re most efficiently allocating their resources. Jim sheds light on how we should be eating to help our metabolism function best, as well as what exercise methods will prove to be most effective given a limited amount of time. He warns of weight loss methods that don’t necessarily keep the weight off, and may actually make it harder to lose weight again. As a TV spokesperson, he knows firsthand that mainstream media can be sensationalized and not 100% accurate, listen to Jim’s interview for the truth about diet and well-being.

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