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Harley Bjelland - Review Your Employee Benefits Regularly (D0618)










Harley Bjelland is a Top Employee Benefits Attorney providing counsel for retirement plans, health plans and executive compensation plans.

Questions Answered: 
1) Why do people need a benefits attorney?
2) What kinds of things do you help people with?
3) What are the worst examples of problems with clients?
Contact Info: 

AmyK Hutchens - What One Question Should Your Entire Organization Be Able To Answer?

Hutchins_Amy_934mi.pngAmyK Hutchens, of AmyK International, specializes in teaching critical thinking for better performance, productivity and profitability. Previously working as an executive around the globe,  she has seen countless people identifying problems, but not devising any solutions to them. This led AmyK to eventually start her own business using her passion of solving problems and igniting brilliance in leadership. She works with companies by constructing custom think tanks that are aimed to help improve business performance all around. 

One of the first things AmyK will often ask her clients is “What would be your ROI if everyone in your company was thinking a bit better tomorrow?” In her interview, she explores this question from various angles and relates it to goal achievement. By breaking down the thought processes behind our behaviors, we can change both our behavior and results. AmyK stresses the importance of clearly defining the target before setting out on the hunt. She offers some tips for better understanding our customers' thought processes, finding the best prospects, and ways to improve the quality of meetings. AmyK’s knowledge is invaluable to any business owner hoping to get the most out of their time and efforts.




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Gary Kunath - Mastering Life Balance: How to Achieve Greatness at Home & Work

Gary Kunath is the CEO of GMK Holdings, a speaker, author, and a writer. Gary travels and speaks to major companies and universities on the subject of Mastering Life Balance. Today, he will discuss how to achieve greatness at both home and at work.

Questions Discussed:

1. How did you build a seminar for the 2nd in command at Cisco Systems, supporting his initiative on bringing humanity back to business?

2. What colleges have you spoken to and what has the reaction been?

3. Why do businesses care about mastering life balance now?

Contact Info: 

Email Address: gkunath@aol.com

Website: www.garykunath.com

George Smart - Unraveling Family Knots: Preparing Future Roles in Family Businesses (L2317)

George Smart of Strategic Development, Inc. discusses family business issues

Questions discussed:

a. You'd think that passing a business to a son or daughter would be easy. After all, there's no interview. But

it's not that easy, is it?

b. Why do family CEO's find succession so difficult?

c. What's the first step to make this easier, to clear away some of the very strong emotions people have about

their children, and vice versa?

Contact info:

Email Address gsmart@strategicdevelopment.com

Website www.strategicdevelopment.com






Thomas Young - How to Attract Qualified Customers (E1218)









Thomas Young works with companies to help attract qualified customers by focusing on inbound and content marketing. His business is called Intuitive Websites and today, he will discuss how to implement these important strategies into your business. 


Questions Answered: 

1) What is inbound marketing?
2) What is content marketing?
3) What is the role of mobile technologies?

Contact Info: 


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Scott McLean - What do the Three Blind Mice have to do with Your Financial Plan?


Scott McLean, of McLean Advisory Group, is also the author of “Three Blind Mice,” a book intended to help prevent people from ending up in a #financial mousetrap. With over 35 years of experience, Scott’s expertise cannot be denied, and his client retention rate further proves this. He prioritizes client relationships so they can truly be on the same page and make the wisest decisions together. 

Throughout his interview, Scott discusses the significance of an advisor’s relationship with their client. Planning for #retirement is not a cookie-cutter process. He also stresses the importance of education and sharing a common understanding of definitions and philosophy. The current process is somewhat impersonal and separated, but Scott breaks down the importance of having a cohesive relationship between #advisors, lawyers, and accountants.

Jim Immel - Legacy Decision Making


Jim Immel, of Immel and Associates, is a succession coach who truly put his clients first. Having an extensive background in the insurance industry, Jim asks unique questions that other advisors may not consider. In his time working in the insurance industry, he found that his clients were more prepared for death than life. This spurred Jim to make the eventual shift into coaching, and he now helps people imagine and achieve their goals.

In his interview, Jim talks about the importance of deeply understanding what his clients care about, and challenging the status quo. Knowing that the corner office can get lonely, Jim serves as sort of a business psychologist and helps business owners reflect on their past decisions in order to more strategically move into the future. He shares the value of listening and asking potent questions that facilitate a clients’ breakthrough. Jim also deciphers the phrase “key employee” and why they are critical to a successful succession plan. With over 40 years of experience, Jim has a huge collection of wisdom, and everyone can benefit from his expertise.

1 minute sections:

  • 13:17-14:20: Talking about fight or flight thought mechanisms at play when speaking
  • 14:53-14:54: Take them back before you take them forward - thinking about the biggest decision made 10 years ago and realizing how quickly that time went by
  • 18:24-19:24: Talks about success in succession planning when able to retain talent/key employees
  • 20:59-22:01: Distinguishing between key employee vs. critical employee - getting a better understanding of critical fixtures in business


Lisa Caprelli - What Color is Your Message? (D1018)


With a 10-year radio career overlapping 20 years in business consulting, marketing, and branding, Lisa Caprelli strategically uses content and message branding to grow companies. Known for inspiring business leaders to be innovative, she has helped businesses grow, including Fortune 500 companies. Her media career has included The Business Experience Show, The Free Money Hour, and other programs on stations like 97.1 FM, KFWB, KNX 1070, KFMB, and KABC, as well as real estate finance and motivational books.

Be sure and pick up a copy of her book "Color Your Message" on Amazon!




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Steve Van Valin - Shaping a Culture that is Engaged to Innovate (A1818)


Steve Van Valin, Founder and CEO of Culturology, helps companies shape a culture that is engaged to innovate. At Culturology, they specialize in contemporary cultures where people need to be competitive, especially customer-facing businesses looking for a unique edge. A business’s culture is much like a personality and determines the common expectations people have when working together. By shaping the culture intentionally, you can help your team be more innovative and engaged. 

In his interview, Steve discusses high-level tactics of culture design and how it can contribute to innovation. He highlights the importance of being an expert at the creative process in order to facilitate more creativity from your team. While the phrase may seem paradoxical, Steve encourages you to plan time for spontaneous interactions. Steve also proposed the idea of “addition by subtraction,” meaning sometimes it takes removing barriers in order to help employees become more innovative. Steve’s insight is a powerful tool for anyone hoping to get more cohesion and creativity from their teams through relatively simple means.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 2:24-3:15: How Steve defines culture and how it is like a personality.
  • 6:41-7:46: Consistencies in how companies of any kind drive innovation.
  • 10:16-11:23: Good creative ideas can be small things involving constant problem solving.
  • 14:23-15:28: Become an expert on the creative process itself in order to help your team think more openly.



Peter Levitan - After A Business Career, What?



Peter Levitan coaches marketing agency leaders on their business development and just wrote the Book... "How To Sell Your Advertising Agency". (Note: this works for any business and is a lot about understanding why you are selling and what you are going to do next.)

And, in 2012 he wrote "Boomercide. From Woodstock To Suicide." "The book is about using suicide as a financial planning tool. When I sold my last business my accountant told me... you know how much $ you have / How much you spend / but not how long it has to last. I said, but...." 

Realizing after he sold his business that he was free to "live anywhere", he moved to San Miguel de Allende Mexico in 2016.

Here's a few questions we discussed the answers to today:
You sold a business in 2012. What was your post business plan and what have you learned?
Why did you write Boomercide?
What is life like in Mexico? How did you make that decision?

Peter's tips for those of you who are contemplating "what's next" include"
"Have a plan. Know your goals. Do the research. Most people do not."

Learn more about Peter at his website at Peterlevitan.com

Tom Miller - How Can You Turn Your Employee Investment into a Growth Driver?


Tom is in the business of compensation design for privately owned companies. He'll describe how he helps business owners construct pay-for-performance strategies that turn employees into growth partners. Compensation (such as salaries, bonuses, commissions) is typically the largest expense on a business's financials. How can this investment be turned into a driver growth? This is the question Tom's firm, The VisionLink Advisory Group, is constantly striving to answer.

Today we tackle these questions:
1. What is the biggest mistake most business owners make relating to paying their employees?
2. What's the first thing a business owner should do in order to turn employees, as you say, into growth partners?
3. When you look at company's compensation strategy, is there usually a glaring omission?

For listeners to this show, Tom's firm is offering a complimentary consultation to discuss any compensation issue you're struggling with.


Andy Gole - Urgency Based Selling


To Read This Episode's Transcript: Click Here

Back with us again is Andy Gole, of Urgency Based Selling. He’s been helping business owners improve profitable sales for the last 27 years. Andy is also a Vistage member, is the author of “Innovation Now,” and has a storied history in all areas of selling. He has important information regarding sales during Covid to share.

In his interview, Andy discusses some reasons why you should still be reaching out to your clients, despite the current crisis. He explains the idea that if you may be able to help them succeed, there is no reason you shouldn’t reach out. Andy gives powerful insight on the power of creating a sense of urgency when selling and discusses the central paradox of selling. Additionally, in light of the increasingly virtual world, Andy also has some tips for more successful email campaigns. Don’t miss out on Andy’s powerful tips that will help you increase your sales.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:28-6:32: The central paradox of selling.
  • 7:26-8:28: Payments in Kind and how they can help level the playing field.
  • 10:27-11:31: When you should reach out to your clients, specific to Covid considerations.
  • 16:25-17:21: The economic return and the “Double Slingshot.”



Kevin Weir - If it is Hard to Turn The Key, You Will Not Get Top Dollar

Kevin Weir, Action Coach, discusses a common problem of many small businesses - lack of processes and systems that make it hard to transition the business.


Kevin: When you're trying to sell a business, it's a lot harder to sell a business if it isn't a turn-key operation. If somebody wants to walk in and buy a business and all the systems are sitting in the owner's head, that potential buyer is going to place a discount on that business, because most people who are investing in business aren't going to want to just purely operate it on an ongoing basis. A lot of people who are wanting to buy a business want to be able to have some level of ability to let it operate buy itself. The less systems you have in the business, the bigger the discount. So, what we do, is we help them develop and systematize the business such that it can work without them, because our definition of a business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you, the business owner. To the degree it fits that definition is the degree that you're going to have a much more valuable business. 


Carl Allen - Growth Through Acquisition


Carl Allen, Co-Founder of Dealmaker Wealth Society, is a world-class entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker. He’s enabled over 300 deals collectively valued at nearly $50 billion in the last 3 decades and analyzed thousands of other businesses across industries. Carl is a bona fide serial entrepreneur and expert when it comes to business acquisition. At Dealmaker Wealth Society, Carl is in the business of coaching others to buy, sell, and scale their business. 

In his interview, Carl explains his philosophy on why you should acquire a business rather than start from square one. Most new businesses fail within the first 10 years, with half of them failing in just the first year. By acquiring, you can begin with something already successful or leverage their existing success and expand your business into new areas which are already a proven success. Carl shares ways you can prepare your business to be sellable, along with why you should be prepared due to the upcoming economic forecast. If you work on your business instead of for your business, Carl knows you can find heightened success and fulfillment. Expand your business’ potential by tuning in to Carl’s expertise.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 4:25-5:35: Instead of starting a company fresh, buy a profitable existing business.
  • 6:18-7:20: Criteria for identifying what business you should buy.
  • 11:04-12:18: Challenges Baby Boomers are facing when trying to sell their business.
  • 14:36-15:48: Ways to work on your business and not in your business via solid partnerships.
  • 18:19-19:34: Insight on the transfer of wealth happening in the next 10-15 years.


Susie - What is Your Exit Strategy People Plan?


To Read This Episode's Transcript: Click Here

Susie Japs, Managing Director at Wejungo and esteemed Provisors member, is in the business of helping business leaders restructure their teams to get better results. She leverages her strategic, authentic, engaging approach and interactive style to challenge business leaders on common beliefs about recruiting, hiring, retention, and performance. We all know that our best assets go home each night and we must pay attention to our employees for the best results. On the people side of things, Susie has great insight into what we may be overlooking when preparing for an exit. 

In her interview, Susie talks about three items companies commonly miss in their exit planning, and why having an exit strategy people plan is so important. She discusses various strategies that she uses at Wejungo to hire more effectively. Susie also details the areas to focus on when exit planning that you may overlook, but a buyer would certainly scrutinize. If the business couldn’t be handed over with ease, you may have a much harder time selling. She also walks through a valuable exercise for taking stock of your workforce and offers some powerful assessment tools. Susie’s expertise on working together more effectively could help your entire team’s performance, don’t miss out on her interview.

1-Minute Sections: 

  • 4:08-5:03: 4 Strategies Wejungo uses to help businesses hire better.
  • 5:55-7:08: Common mistakes companies make in exit planning.
  • 7:13-8:18: Examples of businesses that were doing well but may not be valuable to buyers.
  • 9:34-10:37: Transferability and taking stock of key people.
  • 11:51-13:06: Overview of the Strategic People Plan.




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Meghan Lynch - What Branding Fears are Holding You Back?


Meghan Lynch is the CEO of Six-Point Creative, a brand strategy agency that helps “second-stage” companies break through growth plateaus. As part of her mission to help small businesses challenge the goliaths, Meghan has served as an expert advisor to second-stage clients in a wide range of industries, from fast-casual restaurants to industrial manufacturers. Meghan was named an Enterprising Women of the Year in 2019 and enjoys testing her limits as an endurance runner. 

Some of the issues Meghan discussed today:
The fears holding high-potential companies back from growth • Brand strategy for family businesses • What is a second-stage company? • Common mistakes companies make when they rebrand • How to hire and manage marketing expertise


Mahyar Ghassemian - Take Steps To Protect Your Business (E3118)













Mahyar Ghassemian, Ghassemian Law Group, APC  discusses common legal problems and protection strategies, as well as tips and ideas for Business Owners.


Doug C. Brown - 10 Ways Your Company Can Expand Its Revenue


Business Success Factors is a consulting, coaching, and training company that helps companies to increase their sales revenue growth.

Here are a few questions Doug answers in today's interview:

1. What is the number one mistake that you see companies making with their sales that impede or stop their growth?
2. Do you ever see a CEO or executive block their own growth due to having a block in their own mind?
3. What would be the number one thing that someone can do to start working on their revenue growth?

Listeners can send an email to youmatter@businesssuccessfactors.com to receive a free sales and marketing checklist.

Michelle Seiler Tucker - Exit Rich


Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated and is going to talk about hot to build a sustainable, scalable, and sellable business utilizing her proven techniques outlined in her newest book Exit Rich®.

Some of the questions she answers in this interview:

  • What are some of the biggest mistakes you see business owners make?
  • Why is it important to plan your exit strategy from day one using the ST GPS Exit Model?
  • The big thing that you talk about is the ST 6 P Method to sell your business for huge profits. Can you tell us what the 6 P’s are and why they are so important?

    Michelle has written a great upcoming book, Exit Rich. You can find more information on the book and receive additional benefits from purchasing the book on exitrichbook.com

Keziah Robinson - Stop Helicopter Parenting Your Business


Keziah Robinson (pronounced KAY-zee-uh), is a business strategist, CEO coach, and investor. Described by her clients as a “shapeshifter” who “can coach business owners through any challenge at any stage of their business,” Keziah helps small business CEOs navigate the operational and existential challenges of scaling up, pivoting, and/or selling a business they’ve put their blood sweat and tears into. Keziah holds a BS in Physics from Stanford University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and she serves on the advisory board of Private Packs, an innovator in the fast-growing femtech industry. 

Some of the questions Keziah answered today:

1) What does it mean to "helicopter parent" your business?
2) Why is it so hard for business owners to stop doing it?
3) What are some practical tips to break out of this pattern?

Fred Berns - Business by Design (E1018)








Fred Berns is the President of Business by Design, and provides coaching and speaking programs, and marketing and copywriting campaigns designed to help business owners stand way out from their competitors, and master their marketplace.

Contact Info: 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Terry Hawkins - Why Wait to be Great? (L2417)


Terry Hawkins, Founder and CEO of People in Progress Global, has been helping businesses build and use powerful systems, as well as shape workplace cultures, for over 25 years. Terry has been listed as one of the top 60 motivational speakers in the world and is also the author of “Why Wait to be Great? It’s Either Now or Too Late.” Originally finding success in Australia, after moving to the US, she found her old ways weren’t working. This led her to essentially restart from the ground up, and she has since come out the other side with a stronger business and even greater sense of purpose. 

Her passion is making a difference, and in Terry’s interview, she emphasizes the importance of having very clear goals and passions. She dissects the process of mastery and cites routines and well-structured processes as key players in goal achievement. While Terry’s personality helped her business growth in Australia, she found it to be exhausting and not effective in America, which sparked her to reconsider business as a system of processes. Rather than putting people on a pedestal, Terry encourages leaders to put tried and true processes on a pedestal, and let trusted people run the processes. A business may seem highly successful, but Terry’s information may help you break your own perceived glass ceiling and achieve levels you hadn’t previously thought possible.  


Ken Majer - Establish a Value Driven Culture








Dr. Kenneth Majer has been a successful author, speaker, and consultant to companies large and small for over 30 years. He is a subject matter expert in change management, corporate culture, communications, values-based leadership, organizational alignment, and management training.

Ken is best known for using values-based concepts to improve corporate culture. His premise is that values-driven companies always outperform the competition. He uses his experience and insights to change businesses dramatically and permanently. Ken’s vision includes helping companies stay ahead of the curve as they adapt to new realities in today’s radically changing business world. His goal is to enable leaders to use the power of values-driven alignment to enhance their success.

Ken provides insight, products, and services that business leaders rely on for success. Establish a values-driven culture as your core business strategy to help your company outperform the competition!

Contact Info: 

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Lynn Fulks - Spray and Pray is Not an Effective Marketing Campaign (J2817)









In this 20 minute interview, Lynn Fulks, Principal Partner of Upstart Group LLC, discusses the tried and true methods er firm uses to help businesses develop effective marketing and branding campaigns. She explains a 3 stage process that requires thought and research (and investment) before resorting to tactics, and why most campaigns are doomed from the start.












Lee Goldberg - Preparing for Your Business Exit Strategy


Lee Goldberg, Transactional Attorney and owner of the Law Offices of Lee R. Goldberg, is an expert at growing businesses’ value through exit planning strategies. He’s had over 33 year experience and seen millions of dollars left on the table due to lack of plan. Lee’s mission is to help his clients keep more of the money they earn and protect their wealth for generations to come. Lee knows firsthand that you should not wait to plan your exit strategy.

In his interview, Lee shares a valuable collection of information we don’t always hear when talking about exit planning. Specifically, he gives 8 tips for what you should do now to better prepare your exit planning strategy. Lee shares valuable insight on what buyers look for before committing to buying a business. He also shares powerful ways to increase your EBITDA. Proper exit planning is an effective way to drive up your business value, but it takes time and expertise, don’t miss out on Lee’s indispensable wisdom.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:09-4:06: Why having an exit strategy is the best way to add value to your business.
  • 5:30-6:32: Now is the time for exit planning, waiting may mean it’s too late to restructure. 
  • 8:33-9:40: Method to increase EBITDA drastically and drive up business value. 
  • 17:11-18:11: Business structure review is essential to highest valuation. 


Gunnar Gundersen - How to Manage Your Intellectual Property (C0318)


Gunnar Gundersen is in the business of intellectual-property protection, consulting, and litigation, and is going to talk
about how to manage intellectual property to maximize your business's value.

Questions Discussed: 

1. What is intellectual property?
2. How can intellectual property create value for my company?
3. Do I have intellectual property? And why should I care about managing it?



We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

John Whitt - Your Business Success Blueprint


John Whitt of BusinessWhitt shares his tips, ideas & precautions so you can be well planned!



Craig James - Build Your Business Value with the Help of Your Peers


Craig James shares his tips and insights about how CEOs can benefit from getting involved in Peer groups. Contact Craig at craig.james@vistagechair.com



Al Killeen - Integrative Mastery Programs (L1417)

Al Killeen is the President, CEO, and Founder of Integrative Mastery Programs. The business is a set of integrated programs and training for successful executives and organizations that focuses on
Leadership, Management and Coaching to create empowered, zealous cultures based on values.
Questions Discussed:
1. What is different about IMP?
2. Who are typical IMP clients?
3. How effective is the IMP system?
Contact Info: 

Reb Risty - Marketing in the Virtual Universe: 5 Reasons Every Business Should Use Video Testimonials

Screen_Shot_2020-06-15_at_51519_PM_ay9by.pngReb Risty, Head and CEO of REBL Marketing, is a marketing expert with useful information for communicating with your customers in these unique times. After starting her company in 2008, her mission has been to help her clients clearly communicate their value propositions and boost engagement. The marketplace has rapidly shifted from a digital world to a virtual universe, so online presence is more important than ever before, and video testimonials are a great place to start. As we begin to reopen, Reb has tips for marketing in a cognizant manner.

In her interview, Reb discusses the importance of continuing communication with your customers. She dives deep on the importance of having not just testimonials, but video testimonials from clients. Reb shares some of the reasons video testimonials are so successful and how you can easily start generating your own. It is essential to adapt to the changing marketplace, use Reb’s tips to thrive in the virtual space.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:28-6:21: Marketing tips for the re-opening and business survival.
  • 6:54-7:58: “We went from a digital world to a virtual universe,” continue evolving your plan. 
  • 8:49-9:54: Importance of testimonials, and reasons why a video testimonial is even more powerful.
  • 11:30-12:30: Simple ways to get video testimonials from your clients.
  • 13:22-14:24: Sweet spot of time frame for video testimonial, with social media platforms and customers in mind.
  • 17:34-18:20: Keep communicating with your customers, they’ll know you’re there for them when things bounce back.


Vince Mastrovito - Get serious about your systems


Vince Mastrovito of Prometis Partners once again shares valuable tips and precautions for business owners!

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Wayne Herring - Can you really have it all?


As the founder of Business Builder Camp, Wayne Herring has helped men across the country grow their businesses into successful and thriving enterprises. 
Business Builder Camp brings men who own businesses together for fun, adventure, and comradery and explore the limits of their potential.

Some of the areas we touch on in this interview:
How to make the vision in your head a reality • Living a fulfilling life of adventure, family, and satisfaction as you grow your business  • Why we need people to help part the “curtains” in life • Camp / Rendezvous - reasons to gather with other sharp high performers 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Lance Graulich - Franchise Opportunities and Lessons


This episode features CEO of ION Franchising, Lance Graulich. Lance is the founder & CEO of ION Franchising, an industry leading franchise consulting and development group, that represents over 500 franchise brands & business opportunities within 90 categories. Lance helps prospective entrepreneurs find their perfect franchise for FREE. He also assists independent business owners in creating a franchise system.

Every business has a story

Lance started out in the family business on Wall Street after receiving an economics degree. He then joined a TGI Fridays franchise in Phoenix, AZ as a key executive and was vital to the rapid growth of this $225,000,000 organization. Mr Graulich was a multi-unit, multi-state franchisee of Wingstop and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. He has created countless start up brands and has become the industry leading donut expert. He is the founder of a donut chain called Pinkbox in Las Vegas. His latest start up bakery project is with a Food Network star. As a business start-up expert with more than 25 years of experience, he has served as President of various franchise advisory councils and boards advising emerging franchise brands. He has helped a multitude of companies grow efficiently & effectively. 

David C Baker - Doing What Works


David C Baker, Principal of ReCourses, Inc., is an author, speaker, and advisor. Previously owning his own marketing firm, he found himself giving advice to other business owners a majority of the time and he pivoted aptly. For the last 26 years he’s been a management consultant to the advertising, design, interactive, and public relations fields, advising principals on making better business decisions. Dubbed the expert’s expert, David joins us with profound insight on what works in the ever-changing marketplace.

In his interview, David relates our current turmoil to that of 2008, and speculates about how things will look on the rebound. He sheds light on what changes will almost certainly be temporary, and also what is likely to stick around. David is optimistic about the critical thought and forced reinvention spurred by Covid, but also shares some aspects to be cautious of. Additionally, he shares some thoughts on what advertisers can be doing differently in order to deliver a more meaningful message. Only the strongest business owners will thrive through this, so be sure to listen to David’s critically important advice.


Charles Antis - Intention on How I Hold The Business


A well-respected and widely known roofing expert, entrepreneur and humanitarian, Charles has become one of the most trusted names in the roofing industry country wide, as well as an inspirational business leader championing social corporate responsibility.  Antis Roofing & Waterproofing celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2019, or as Charles would say, “for over 30 years, we’ve been keeping families safe and dry!” 

Janne Ohtonen - The 1 Reason Your Business Exists (C0118)


Janne Ohtonen is in the business of Customer Experiences and is going to talk about Customer Experience


Questions discussed:

What makes customer experiences so important?

How can companies ensure they are producing remarkable customer experiences?

What happens for organizations that do not put proper effort in customer experiences?


Free online video training series for creating your own customer experience blueprint at http://bit.ly/cebbillblack

Contact info:

Email Address janne@ohtonen.fi

Website http://addvalueto.me


Morrie Shechtman - Ending Mediocrity in the Workplace (K0517)

1c59d55.jpgMorrie Shechtman is a Chairman of Fifth Wave Leadership, a company that deals the Human Capital Consulting. Today, he will discuss the topic of ending mediocrity in business. 

Questions Answered: 

1) What's the only competitive advantage left? 
2) Why do most leaders and their companies underachieve? 
3) Why are there no "business problems"?

Contact Info: 






Casey Brown - You Are Probably Under-pricing Your Product (F1817)

Casey Brown is in the business of helping companies substantially increase profits through better pricing and

in this interview she talks about value-based pricing and some other key pricing best practices.

Questions Discussed:

1. Casey, companies in very competitive industries often say they have little to no pricing power and that they

must compete on price. What do you say to those companies?

2. Casey, in an average selling conversation, who is most focused on price: the buyer or the seller?

3. Casey, what do you say to companies setting prices based on a cost-plus model?

Contact info:

Email Address casey@precisionpricingllc.com

Website www.precisionpricingllc.com












Brian Kinahan - Run Your Business Like You’re Going to Sell It, Even If You’re Not!

20dc5d_70bc8015d7a1426e8a2700f35905afe9.I'm a business coach who help CEOs and business owners improve business performance and prepare for an eventual sale of the business or a generational transfer. My philosophy: Run your business like you're going to sell it ... even if you're not.

Questions Answered: 


1) Are there steps an owner can take in the short term to increase the selling price of a business? 

2) Aside from being ready for the transaction process how does financial performance affect valuation? 
3) What else can an owner do to have a significant impact on the price a buyer will pay for the business?

Contact Info: 


John Bly - Cracking the Code to Mergers & Acquisitions (G1817)

John Bly is a Co-Managing Member of LBA Haynes Strand, LLC. Today, he will be discussing the topic of Mergers & Acquisitions. 

Website: www.lba-cpa.com  Email: johnbly@lbahs.com


Natalie Elisha Gold - Estate Planning Essentials

Screen_Shot_2020-06-17_at_30643_PM_93v9p.pngNatalie Elisha Gold, Provisors member and Managing Attorney at Gold Legal Group, LLP., is in the business of protecting your legacy and the legacy of your business and clients. After a life-changing injury in her youth, she was motivated to change the world and at age 24 started her own law firm. Natalie aims to help people leave something better behind for their children and implement trusts which will preserve wealth to the fullest extent possible. Her strategic approach to wealth preservation is truly essential to having a highly successful estate plan.

In her interview, Natalie discusses estate planning as a way to protect your independence and privacy. Without a plan, your family will be faced with time-consuming litigation and expensive attorney and court fees. Natalie knows that the best way to preserve your wealth is getting your estate plan sorted out while you’re still able, and continuing to update it as necessary. A legal fee is a drop in the bucket compared to the money you’ll save by having a well thought out plan. Being well-informed will help you make better choices for yourself and your family, take the time to listen to Natalie’s expertise on making wealth preservation as painless as possible.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 8:06-8:56: If you value your independence and privacy, you cannot afford to not do planning to protect your wealth.
  • 9:58-10:58: An overview of some of the common shortcomings in wealth and asset protection.
  • 12:04-13:06: The legal fee is absolutely worth it compared to how much you’ll save and help your family. 
  • 15:07-16:16: Get your estate planning done while you can, it will protect your family and privacy without involving courts and headaches. 
  • 18:51-19:53: Life insurance is a must, get it young when healthy, it isn’t just for helping after death.


Linda Duffy - Manage Your Managers

In this 1 minute highlight, Linda Duffy, President and Founder, Ethos Human Capital Solutions discusses the importance of focusing on the effectiveness of your Management Team.

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Steven Snyder - Focused Passion

author.jpgSteven Snyder is author of the book Focused Passion: How to be Better, Faster, Smarter, and Happier, with Far Less Stress, and Much More Passion. 

Questions Answered: 
1) What is Focused Passion?
2) How can it help readers to become mindful?
3) What are the benefits of living with less stress and more passion? 
Contact Info: 

Focused Passion: How to be Better, Faster, Smarter, and Happier, with Far Less Stress, and Much More Passion is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.