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Vince Mastrovito - Causes and Solutions for Family Business Conflicts


Vince Mastrovito is the Owner of Prometis Partners Inc, a business coaching and exit planning firm. In this interview we discuss common causes for Family Business conflicts and how to address them.

Chris Kramer - Your Exit is Coming - Will You Be Ready? (D0518)


Chris Kramer, Managing Director, Strategic Equity Group discusses the decisions and strategies that go into an exit plan and the critical importance of preparing well in advance to have the best options.

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Harry Barth - Asset Protection Planning Has Never Been More Important


Harry Barth is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner for BarthCalderon, LLP and is the co-author of the book, Planning Today For All Your Tomorrows. He is a nationally recognized speaker on estate, business and asset protection planning to many incredible organizations across the country including: Vistage International, Women Presidents’ Organization, Young Presidents’ Organization, Tiger 21, Quaker Oats, Entrepreneurs Organization, California Society of CPA’s and many more.

Harry has over 40 years of experience counseling business owners and their families, corporations and franchisees nationwide. Harry has distinguished himself by being an asset protection advocate and his workshops have helped thousands of families and businesses protect their assets they have worked so hard to build.

In this interview Harry reveals why the field of Asset Protection is about to become very popular and he outlines some easy steps to get started.


Todd Palmer - Fail Forward Leadership: the 4-step formula to success


CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, Todd helps his clients ditch their comfort zone, dive into their “failures,” and re-frame their mindset to be more authentic, transparent, and vulnerable to affect real change along the path to success.

In this interview Todd gave some great tips on how to initiate necessary changes in your life (or your business) and also helped with knowledge about how to find and keep great talent in these difficult times. 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Ken Sanginario - Road Mapping Your Business To It’s Maximum Value (B1118)

12cc8de.jpgKen Sanginario is the Founder of Corporate Value Metrics, LLC and he has developed a cloud-based tool to help business owners increase their business value by 50-100% over the next 3-5 years. Go to his website to find out about the "Value Opportunity Profile".


Jaynie Smith - Differentiating from Your Competition

Smart Advantage is the only marketing and management consultancy focused exclusively on identifying and communicating the most important element of successful competition – your competitive advantage – from your target market’s perspective. Today, we will be discussing the importance of differentiating yourself from your competition.

Questions Asked: 

1. What prompted you to write your book, Creating Competitive Advantage?

2. What does Smart Advantage do and who are your ideal clients?

3. What results do your clients see after an engagement with Smart Advantage? 

Contact Info: 

Website: www.smartadvantage.com and www.jayniesmith.com

Email: jsmith@smartadvantage.com

Bonus Material:  

A set of books, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com. "Creating Competitive Advantage" and its companion book, "Relevant Selling". 


Vince Mastrovito - Why you can’t take the “personal” out of business


Vince Mastrovito of Prometis Partners once again shares valuable insights for closely held business owners.

Janna Hoiberg - What Makes Innovation Hard in a Family Business? (A2918)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQDAAAAJGY0ZDE1ZTllLTM2ZTQtJanna Hoiberg is a well-known author, speaker and award winning Executive and Leadership Business Coach with over 30 years experience in managing and operating successful businesses. She has helped businesses with needs varying from increasing profits, improving systems, strengthen teams and executive leadership, and fiscal growth. Janna is in the business of helping people “change the way they think about business!”

Find her book at her website and on Amazon - The Family Business: How to Be in Business with People You love - Without Hating Them.

Questions Discussed:

1) What makes Innovation hard in a family business?
2) How is accountability different in the family business?
3) When should family start the succession planning?

Contact Info:

Mahyar Ghassemian - Take Steps To Protect Your Business (E3118)













Mahyar Ghassemian, Ghassemian Law Group, APC  discusses common legal problems and protection strategies, as well as tips and ideas for Business Owners.


Morrie Shechtman - Eliminating Mediocrity (A2618)

1c59d55.jpgMorrie Shechtman is a Chairman at Fifth Wave Leadership, a Human Capital Consulting Group. Today, he will discuss how to eliminate mediocrity for your company.

Questions Answered: 

1) What's the only competitive advantage left? 
2) Why do most leaders & their companies underachieve? 
3) Why are there no "business problems"?

Contact Info: 






We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Katharine Halpin - 3 Keys to Accelerating Growth Quickly and Sustainably (C2118)


Katharine Halpin is in the business of accelerating the growth of companies before, during and after transitions and transactions. 

Questions addressed:

What is the #1 thing Business Owners can do to accelerate the growth of their company before they prepare for the sale?

When is the 'right time' to tackle that?

How in the world do you know if you do or do not have the right people in the right roles, focused on the right priorities?

Special Offer! Complimentary, Confidential Consultation available for anyone who hears this message. Just call Katharine Halpin at 602-266-1961 or email K.Halpin@HalpinCompany.com  or go to our website www.HalpinCompany.com  My book, Alignment for Success: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams and Your Company is available on Amazon.



Vince Langley - Building a Culture of Common Sense (B2018)

Using Common Sense is a sure fire way to prepare your company for the future. Vince Langley uses his expertise to ensure that companies are engaged and that both employees and business owners take ownership of their jobs. 
Questions Discussed:
How can a business owner build a culture of independence vs dependence?
How can we build a culture of accountability and ownership?
Contact Info: 
Email Address: alaskavince@gmail.com

Peter Mehit - Why You Need a Killer Business Plan (F3018)

Peter Mehit is the owner of Custom Business Planning and Solutions and is author of ‘Killer Business Plan – Why You Need It, How To Write It’.Website: www.custombps.com
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Mike Aguilera - Connect with Anyone in Less Than 90 Seconds (B0718)


Mike Aguilera is the President of Aguilera & Associates, an international training and coaching company specializing in rapport and communication skills to help you get more yeses.

Questions Answered: 


1) Who would benefit from your system of training?

2) What makes your system different from other communication models and training? 

3) Is it easy to learn and apply? 

Contact Info: 

Website: http://www.MikeAguilera.com

Email: mike@mikeaguilera.com



Sean Adams - Wealth secrets of the ultra-rich


In 12 years of owning multiple small businesses, Sean Adams felt overwhelming stress stemming from the government and banks having control over his income.
He consumed hundreds of books, interviews, and courses to learn as much as he could about finance and discovered the ultra-rich had insider knowledge about protecting and growing wealth. Sean made it his mission to distill down these secrets and make sure everyone had access to them. This led him to found Leveraged Life Management in order to help other professionals leverage a time-tested wealth-building strategy of the ultra-rich.


Questions we discussed today:

- How/where the wealthy warehouse their cash to get guaranteed growth on their money?
- How can aging business owners ensure a legacy plan for their company and the next generation?
- How can business owners protect their hard earned cash from bankruptcy creditors and litigators?


Mark Wald - The Supporting Strategies Revolution (B2518)


Mark Wald is in the business of outsourced bookkeeping and is going to talk about how Supporting Strategies is revolutionizing accounting operations for startups and small businesses.


Contact Info: 



Bonus Material: 

Informational webinars available: http://www.supportingstrategies.com/webinar




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Brian Johnson - How your business is like an airline flight


Brian Johnson is the Founder and Owner of Main & Johnson, a Charlotte, North Carolina, based Business Consulting & Coaching company, aimed at seeing small to medium-sized businesses thrive, not just survive. Brian is a persuasive and adaptable top-performer who is skilled in establishing, managing, and mentoring key executives and business owners as well as individual contributors in a business. He has a passion for changing the cultural fabric of people leadership, marketing, and sales in companies by empowering teams to exceed goals. 


Questions and topics we discussed:

1. What got you interested in owning your own business and consulting that pulled you from the corporate world?
2. What ways do you identify businesses to understand their current situation and when they should be planning for their exit?
3. How do you best engage with businesses to get them to the exit they seek?

Growth strategies in challenging times • The airline analogy for business • Growing through the scale hurdles • Getting out of your own way in business • Building an Exit Strategy for your business • Effective ways to increase price in your business • Not all customers are created equally

Dr Paul Schempp - The Expert of Experts


Dr. Paul Schempp is a Professor at the University of Georgia. He is a research professor who studies experts and the development of expertise. Dr. Schempp has identified that a common characteristic among experts is having good mentorship. He has studied hundreds of experts and authored the book "5 Steps to Expert: How to Go from Business Novice to Elite Performer." 

In his interview, Dr. Schempp dives deep on the value of mentorship, especially for those nearing their business exit. Mentoring a protege can help pass your values onto the next generation, and meanwhile, proteges seeking expertise will greatly benefit from having a mentor - the relationship is symbiotic. For our listeners who may hope to one day begin an expertise-based practice, Dr. Schempp also shares some tips to help you achieve elite performance levels. We all have the ability to achieve mastery, and guidance is essential in that journey, so don’t miss Dr. Schempp’s advice on attaining the level of success you desire.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:23-6:18: Informal relationships between mentors and proteges can be most effective.
  • 10:52-12:00: Tips for identifying good proteges and transferring your values to the next generation.
  • 15:02-15:58: The greatest experts are not necessarily the greatest mentors.
  • 18:45-19:42: Speaking about "5 Steps to Expert: How to Go from Business Novice to Elite Performer"


Tom Gledhill - Position Your Company for a Premium Exit

Tom Gledhill of www.murphybusiness-ne.com discusses the most important tasks a business owner can undertake in the 2 years preceding a sale or transition.

Tom has written 2 books: "Position Your Company for a Premium Exit" and How to Sell Your Company and NOT Leave Money on the Table" (both are available at Amazon Books 


Katie Wagner - Digital Marketing Demystified (F2718)


Katie Wagner of Katie Wagner Social Media clearly explains the best strategies to get potential customers to your website.

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Jack Scherer - What It Takes to Hire Proven Talent (L1017)

Jack Scherer is the President of SALESTALENT, a national sales recruiting and sales training company. Jack will discuss what it takes to hire proven talent and the current trends in hiring sales people.
Questions Discussed:
What are the 3 biggest mistakes in hiring good sales people?
What really makes a great salesperson?
What national trends do you see in hiring salespeople?
Contact Info: 
Email Address: jack@salestalent.com




Adrianna Smith and Lana Hout - Key Factors to Drive Up Business Value

Adrianna_Smith_Lana_Hout_High_Res_wk-WEB_bsmbm.jpgAdrianna Smith and Lana Hout, Provisors members and Brokers at First Choice Business Brokers, specialize in industry-agnostic business sales for transactions under $25M. After meeting at USC, they found themselves continuously applying for the same finance jobs and eventually working at competing firms. They briefly worked at the same firm and ultimately seized the opportunity to start their own branch of First Choice Business Brokers together 6 years ago. Together, Adrianna and Lana help business owners prepare for sales by driving up their business value.

In their interview, we go in-depth about what to expect before and after a sale, as well as how to best prepare. Adrianna and Lana discuss the impact of COVID on buyers and sellers, as well as how to deal with some of the setbacks. They share powerful tips for driving up business value, common mistakes business owners make leading up to a sale, and ways you can become more attractive to buyers. Adrianna and Lana’s information will help you build a much stronger business, whether you plan to sell or not.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:59-7:09: Impacts happening to sellers due to Covid and how they might prove value.
  • 9:12-10:18: Some factors which can drastically affect the value of a business.
  • 11:14-12:06: Flexibility can increase value as business will be more operable despite circumstances - becomes more attractive to buyers. 
  • 13:12-14:15: The necessity of incorporating technology in order to be more attractive to buyers.
  • 16:46-17:41: Reasons why you shouldn’t scale back, and should sell your business at its high point.


Gary Lillian - Hey, Sellers: “What’s Your Enterprise Value Proposition to Your Replacement”

Questions discussed:

For owners preparing to sell their businesses: what is typically their biggest challenge? 

An Enterprise Value Proposition. That’s kind of a new concept. What does that mean to someone who wants to get the highest possible value for their business in the near future?

“Transition obstacles”?  Can you give me an example?

Contact info:

Email Address glillian@reinventures.com

Website www.reinventures.com


Zack Boothe - Real Estate Investing the Smart Way

Just a few years ago, Zack Boothe was a window cleaner. You can even find his window cleaning tutorial videos on youtube with millions of views. However, Zack always dreamt of being a real estate investor. Taking a leap of faith, he walked away from window cleaning, and within a handful of years, he was making over a million dollars per year from real estate investing. With his successful business, he now spends his time helping others see how simple it is to make money with real estate. Zack is here shares his insider secrets to finding massively discounted properties regardless of your experience level. 

What we discussed during this interview:
What took Zack from a struggling real estate investor to a thriving real estate investor • The most common mistakes people make when getting started in real estate investing • Why Zack decided to get into coaching and mentoring other investors • The best strategy for finding discounted properties • Once you find a discounted property, how to implement the perfect exit strategy in order to make the most money

Greg Nutter - Building Business Value Through Predictable Revenue Growth (G2018)


Greg Nutter from Soloquent Inc, helps small and mid-sized business owners solve revenue growth problems for companies that sell products or services either through a direct sales force or through a reseller channel.
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Zach Schaefer - Identify, Select, and Retain Top Talent


Dr. Zach Schaefer, Founder and CEO of Spark the Discussion, is a talent optimization and behavioral science expert. Dr. Z is also an award winning professional speaker and recently retired tenured professor. His mission is to help companies execute their goals with excellence. Dr. Z has important insight to share with business owners regarding team building and finding a suitable successor. 

In his interview, Dr. Z discusses behavioral science and its application in the workplace. Culture can make or break a company, so building the right team should not be taken lightly. Dr. Z explains some behavioral science assessment tools and how they can be used to optimize your teams. He also shares some musings from his fascinating book, “American Creativity.” Your carefully chosen team can help your business grow even after you’ve left the business, don’t miss Dr. Z’s tips for building the best team you can.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:36-6:20: How behavioral science applies to the workplace.
  • 6:50-7:53: The shocking accuracy of behavioral science tools.
  • 9:15-10:19: Characteristics of a good successor. 
  • 11:21-12:34: Tips for smoother transitions within family businesses.


Dave Wilens - Growing Rainmakers


Coach Dave has educated audiences on professional sales and the magic of sales management. Celebrating his 20th year coaching companies and individuals all across North America, Europe and Australia. Sharing his message through public speaking, consulting, coaching and his newly released book, “Growing Rainmakers.” The coach believes that successful sales managers put systems and processes in place, set solid expectations, hold people accountable, focus on growing people and base it all on his simple formula for success.

Currently his team at Impact Sales Coach are extremely busy hosting “Virtual Workshops” and "Virtual Sales Mastermind Groups." To insure success from these group sessions, the ISC coaches follow-up with business owners, managers and sales producers one-to-one in their highly successful mentorship program... “Coffee with Coach.”

Here are some of the questions we discussed the answers to:
1) What is the method to the magic in sales and/or sales management?
2) When is the right time to make changes and invest in their sales teams, especially now during the pandemic?
3) How long will it take to make a significant change in our sales?

Visit his website at https://www.impactsalescoach.com/ and Get Your Free Copy of the Personality Styles Sales Guide!


Barbara Turley - Should Your Next Hire Be Virtual?


Barbara Turley started The Virtual Hub Ltd to help busy business owners get their life back. She offers several great tips and strategies for how to effectively do just that with virtual assistance.

Carol Marzouk - Executive Lion Taming and Why You Might Need It!


Carol Marzouk is always fun to have on the show. Here she shares some stories that illustrate how owners can sometimes be the worst enemy of the value of a business. If you hear her describing you in this episode - call her immediately! Here's her website link: click here

Ed Eppley - How to get top performance from your key people


Ed Eppley, Owner of The Eppley Group, has worked it from all angles, and joins us ince again as he shares important information for leaders of all sizes of businesses. He's also got a book out called "Let's Be Clear".

During this interview, Ed shares a link that you may find interesting. Here it is: https://www.perthleadership.org

Build Your Business on a Solid Marketing Foundation - Bruce McCombs (H0217)

Bruce McCombs, Mentor with SCORE in Orange County, discusses tips and ideas for building your business based on a solid marketing strategy.


Paul West - Good Busy vs Bad Busy. Why Business Owners Get Stuck in the Trees and Not the Forest


Having advised numerous business owner families, Paul West shares his insight on some key personal mistakes business owners miss out on due to focusing on wrong activities.

Paul received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned his MBA from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Paul and his wife, Courtney, have three children, twins Cecilia and Liam, and son, Louie. Paul enjoys golf, traveling, hiking and rooting for the Huskers.

Questions we addressed:

1.  What are the top mistakes you see business owners making today?
2.  How do you help business owners know when enough is enough?
3. I see that you are a CAP (Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy) in addition to a CFP (Certified Financial Planner). Why do you think that's important?

2 Special Offers:
- Election Protection portfolio defense review. If you are concerned about the election and impact on portfolio, we can share a complimentary risk analysis.
- Complimentary Business Owner exit planning assessment. Our team will help you assess your long-term readiness approach.


Catherine Mattice Zundel - Building Positive Work Environments


Catherine Mattice Zundel, founder of Civility Partners, discusses the difference between bullying and harassing and how to transform a negative work environment in a positive one. 





Anthony Mulkern - The Secrets of Exit and Succession Planning



Click here to read this episode's transcript. 


Anthony Mulkern, President of Mulkern Associates, helps CEOs, founders, and business owners increase their enterprise value through executive leadership training. Tony has over 30 years of experience as an executive coach and business consultant. He helps ensure that businesses which eventually go to market become part of the 20% that actually sell. Tony’s expertise will help you position your business to become far more valuable to buyers. 


In his interview, Tony describes some of the many reasons that a majority of businesses never sell, and how you can get yourself into the category of those that do sell. Many business owners don’t realize that what they’re selling is an earning stream. He explains a bit about his methodology in coaching entrepreneurs on how to improve their enterprise value, and therefore become more attractive to buyers. Get a pen and paper ready for Tony’s extremely valuable tips.


1-Minute Sections:
  • 4:17-5:34: An example of a reason why 80% of businesses that go to market do not sell.
  • 6:14-7:11: Explaining why it is a problem if you wait too long to sell.
  • 8:23-9:31: Why you need to be aware of potentially inflated business valuations.
  • 14:14-15:17: Common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when hiring executives.
  • 18:50-19:45: Some characteristics of businesses that will sell.

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Merry Neitlich - Marketing Strategies to Beat Content Fatigue


Merry Neitlich, Provisors member and Founding Partner of EM Consultants, assists firms and individuals with turning brands into sustained business development opportunities. She has been a business development consultant for over 25 years, specializing in only professional service providers. Merry is here to provide expert advice on communication and marketing. In a time where content fatigue is rampant and people are thirsting for the next step, Merry has tips to combat this increasingly common issue. 

In her interview, Merry stresses the importance of staying current, and branding in a way that goes beyond just providing good service. Now more than ever, it is essential to walk the walk when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Merry suggests that in order to effectively communicate and market your brand, your strategies should be based on the needs of your client. It is critical to get in touch with your clients, and to do so in a way that doesn’t exhaust them. Merry sheds light on what the new normal may look like, as well as ways to improve your online presence both on LinkedIn and Zoom. Merry’s expertise is extremely relevant and helpful in navigating the post-COVID world, be sure to tune in to her interview. 

Link to “Standing Out in the New Norm” - https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/standing-out-in-the-new-norm-be-the-72665/

1-Minute Sections:
  • 3:54-5:06: What do clients really want? Merry shares methods to beat content fatigue.
  • 11:02-12:12: Importance of mixing up media when sharing messaging with clients. 
  • 12:55-13:57: Necessity of putting the client’s needs first. 
  • 16:16-17:05: Are you walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to diversity and inclusion?
  • 21:50-23:01: Potent tips for enhancing your image on video conference calls.

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Pam Reyes - How to Build Cohesive High Performance Teams (E1817)











Did you ever wonder how some teams seem to be firing on all cylinders and others are limping along? Learn from Pam Reyes, Business and Leadership Advisor with over 20 years experience leading cross-functional teams, how you can build cohesive high performance teams based on strengths to increase profitability and reduce turnover.

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Tom Schwab - What is Your Differentiation Strategy?


In this noisy digital world, you can’t break through the noise, you just add to it. Instead, you need to get in on the conversation where your ideal customers are already listening. As a Navy veteran who ran nuclear power plants, and an inbound marketing engineer, Tom Schwab has a refreshingly unique approach. He focuses on time-proven strategy, then supercharges it with today’s technology and podcast interview marketing. An author, speaker, and teacher, Tom helps you get more traffic, leads, and raving customer fans by being interviewed on targeted podcasts.

The author of Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy, Tom is also Founder/CEO of Interview Valet, the category king of Podcast Interview Marketing.

Here are some of the questions we discussed the answers to:

What is the biggest challenge for any business?
How can you find and get booked on the podcasts that matter to your business?
How can you be an ideal guest & predictably turn listeners into leads?

Tom and his team have created a special page with some resources for you here: https://www.interviewvalet.com/exitcoach 

Chris Ruisi - How to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps (E0517)

7rnLdLkh.jpegChris Ruisi, founder and CEO of The Coach’s Zone, is an experienced business coaching professional with an exceptional record of leadership in both large and small businesses. He mentors and guides executives and business leaders to find their “stretch” point to learn the full measure of their capabilities. He helps them to “master being comfortable feeling uncomfortable.” His book “Step Up and Play Big: How to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps” has received wide recognition as being a practical tool for anyone who desires to achieve more.

Questions Asked: 
1. Can you sum up what those 8 steps are?
2. Why is following the crowd a bad thing?
3. What is self-sabotage and why is it harmful?
4. How do employers punish their best employees? 
5. How do mistakes actually help you?
Contact Info: 

Are you and your Company Transition-Ready? 

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Thomas Young - How to Attract Qualified Customers (E1218)









Thomas Young works with companies to help attract qualified customers by focusing on inbound and content marketing. His business is called Intuitive Websites and today, he will discuss how to implement these important strategies into your business. 


Questions Answered: 

1) What is inbound marketing?
2) What is content marketing?
3) What is the role of mobile technologies?

Contact Info: 


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Steven Goodman - The Human Side of Exit Planning



Click here to read this episode's transcript.


Steve Goodman, CEO and Founder of SHG Planning, has over 30 years of experience in business succession planning. His firm specializes in high-end, sophisticated business succession, estate planning, for high and ultra high net worth individuals. Steve enjoys the uniquely interesting challenge that comes with helping this level of client, both technically and emotionally. Steve’s goal is to make sure nothing is overlooked in your wealth transfer.


In his interview, Steve helps humanize and demystify this daunting process. Many people think not planning is easier than planning, as it may cause turbulence within the family, however not having a plan can cause even more family discord. Steve gives a few practical examples of common mistakes made during the planning process, and how individuals may be impacted by them. He also stresses the importance of deeply understanding your unique situation so your wealth and assets can be best managed. The insight Steve offers regarding the human side of estate and succession planning is indispensable.


1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:25-6:28: A common reason people avoid exit and succession planning.
  • 9:58-11:10: Problems that could arise when multiple children are involved in the family business.
  • 15:12-16:14: A practical example of why planning is essential.



Paul Ousterhout - KPIs Drive Profits Today and Exit Value Tomorrow (G2417)











The KPI Guy is dedicated to bringing actionable KPIs to small and medium business. We turn data to dollars by designing, implementing and optimizing business performance metrics. You can't manage what you don't measure. Website: kpiguy.com  Email: paul@kpiguy.com


Kathy Fettke - Retire Rich in Rentals

Fettke_Kathyasyfy.jpgKathy Fettke is the CEO and Founder of Real Wealth Network of Malibu, CA. Listen as she discusses how she started investing in real estate out of necessity and her insights on how you can build your own portfolio.


John Murphy - Can You Do More To Get More?



John Murphy and David Horwich of JK Murphy Advisors discuss some of the most important planning techniques that business owners should consider.


Peter Mehit - The Three Times You Need a Business Plan (A2318)








Peter Mehit is the COO of Custom Business Planning and Solutions. Today, he will discuss the most important times to have a business plan. 

Questions Answered: 

1) What are the three times you need a business plan?
2) Why is it important to focus on your exit early?
3) What can people do if they are nearing the time they want to get out of their business and they haven't planned? 

Contact Info: 


Reb Risty - Update your marketing strategies for a new decade


Reb Risty of www.ReblMarketing.com joins us once again to discuss ideas for refreshing your marketing efforts.

Kresimir Peharda - Preparing to Sell Your Business (B020518)









Kresimir is a securities and mergers and acquisitions attorney. He helps his clients maximize the value of their business at sale.

Questions Answered: 

1. How do you help your clients plan ahead before a sale?

2. When is the right time to begin planning for a sale?

3. What are some of the most common mistakes business owners make in the sales process? 

Contact Info:

Website: www.kpehardalaw.com

Email: kresimir@kpehardalaw.com


Michelle Tillis Lederman - Relationship Networking (G1518)

Michelle is an accomplished Author, speaker, communications trainer, executive coach and CEO of ExecutiveEssentials. Today she will explain what Relationship Networking is and why is matters to your personal and professional results.

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