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Skip Weisman - How Communication is Killing Company Profits in Small Businesses (E1618)









Skip Weisman is in the business of improving workplace communication so that small business owners can create a more positive, productive and profitable company.

Questions Asked: 

1) You typically work with small businesses with between 6-60 employees, why do you focus on that size/type of business?

2) How, specifically, does communication kill company profits in small businesses?

3) What are the biggest communication mistakes small business leaders make in leading their employees?

Contact Info

Website: www.YourChampionshipCompany.com

Email: Skip@WorkplaceCommunicationExpert.com


Scott Bornstein - Memory Power: Your Secret Weapon

BornsteinScott6zzos.pngScott Bornstein is a Chief Memory Training Expert at MemoryPower. Grab a notebook for this one, memory training is a universally useful skill and everyone can benefit from this information. Scott’s expertise is in making memory and recall as easy as possible for business leaders, managers, and sales people. Not only is it important to learn to remember, but to understand how to make yourself more memorable to people. Marketing is essentially memory training to get customers to remember your message.

Scott shares some useful skill sets you can profit from immediately and discusses his methodology that creates consistency and results. The brain is best wired to remember stories, and Scott walks us through a few examples of this practice. Our brains don’t remember as well when they’re racing, we need to slow down and take time to form meaningful connections. Give yourself a mental boost and listen to Scott’s valuable information. Scott shares an invitation link to discounted information for ECR listeners if you’d like to learn more.





Lynne Strang - The Advantage of Being an Entrepreneur at an Older Age (E3018)


Lynne Strang explains the benefits of being an entrepreneur at an older age. The main advantage? Who you know. 

Dan Miller - Living a Longer and Healthier Life (G0817)

Dan Miller is a nutrition and wellness coach and today he will talk about making a plan to live a longer and healthier life.

Questions Answered: 

1) Why does America have a weight problem?
2) Can't I just eat less and exercise more?
3) What's the one thing to change today to live longer?

Contact Info: 

Website: danmiller.tv




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Linda Duffy - Increase Your Human Capital ROI (C2218)


When you invest in machinery, you want to get the most from your investment. When you devise a marketing plan you carefully measure your return on investment. Yet most employers don't look at one of their most significant investments - human capital - with the same eye on the return on their investment. In her 20 minute interview, Linda Duffy, President and Founder, Ethos Human Capital Solutions discusses the important factors that lead to maximizing your Human Capital ROI.


Keith Brown - Family Leadership & Business Ownership


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Lisa Walker - Planning Your Exit Pays Many Dividends (E222018)


Lisa Walker of The Performance Strategies Coaching and Consulting Team brings focus to small to medium size businesses in the Orange County area. They take a holistic view of a business looking at every functional area from HR to operations, leadership development, scalability, systems, financials to sales, marketing and customer service and find opportunities to improve performance. They then help business owners map out their Exit Strategy with an expert team of professionals.


Jeremy Lurey - Developing Your Next Generation Leaders (L1317)


There are big differences between the thought processes of generations today and they require substantial thought to developing leadership strategies. Jeremy Lurey of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC addresses the issues and solutions. Listen to his full interview tomorrow morning!


Bill: What are some of the upcoming challenges in leadership training? Here's Jeremy Lurey. 

Jeremy: The unique challenge in our multi-generational environment is that many of the next-gen leaders, whether their generation X or even gen-Y/Millennials that are coming up, while they're eagerly waiting those chances, they don't currently have the fundamental leadership skills they need to succeed at that higher level. And while this may seem like a foreign concept for a lot of baby boomers, who had a different lifestyle, different life path in their professional careers, many of those next-gen leaders have very different life goals and ambitions. And so, they might not even accept that presumed promotion, depending on what strings are attached to it, or under what conditions it's being offered. So leadership development, and especially succession planning, is a whole new ballgame in this multi-generational work environment. 

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Vince Mastrovito - Why Do Owners Stay Too Long?


To Read This Episode's Transcript: Click Here

Back with us once again is Vince Mastrovito, Exit Planner at Prometis Partners. Vince is a serious succession planner: he’s a certified business exit consultant, CBEC, a certified exit planning advisor, CEPA, a certified value builder, CVB, a certified disc plus coach CDVC, and 2019 Member of the Year at the Exit Planner Institute. Vince is very well-versed in this area and brings enthusiasm to finding creative solutions for each of his clients. He’s seen people, for one reason or another, stay in their business far too long. 

In his interview, Vince discusses a variety of reasons someone may stay at the helm of their business longer than they should. He discusses some of the things that may sneak up on the business owner if they aren’t diligent enough and decrease the business value when they do decide to exit. The retirement you dream of depends on careful planning that starts early. Vince also helps people find their passions again in order to help them continue feeling fulfilled after they leave the business they know and love. Vince’s tips are always powerful, and you don’t want to wait to hear this advice.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 4:51-5:53: A few general reasons why owners may stay too long.
  • 9:54-11:04: A few ways to approach realistic business valuation.
  • 15:15-16:12: Ways a wealth manager can help sustain or increase a client’s current lifestyle through planning.
  • 19:23-20:12: Circumstances in which a business owner's exit goals may be unrealistic for an exit planner.
  • 20:44-21:54: Discussing helping owners find their true passions by challenging them.


Jeffrey Appleman - What You Should do Prior to Your Decision to Exit (G2217)

Jeffrey Appleman  of B2B CFO discusses how to get ready to exit your business.


Contact Info:

Email Address: jeffreyappleman@b2bcfo.com

Website: www.b2bcfo.com


David Taylor Klaus - Put Your Life Before Your Business (K1117)


David Taylor-Klaus, of DTK Coaching, helps entrepreneurs and executives live more fulfilling lives. David started in hospitality, switched to technology, and, despite his accomplishments, eventually realized he wasn’t living the life he truly wanted. In 2008 he started DTK Coaching and hasn’t looked back. As a coach, he aims to hold his clients accountable for both their goals and who they are at their core. 

In his interview, David analyzes the phrase “work-life balance,” and how backward this statement really is. He emphasizes focusing less on revenue-based goals, and instead of taking action on goals oriented towards personal fulfillment - we are not on this planet just to make money. David has much more life-changing information than can fit within a 20-minute interview, and graciously offers a free link to his book “This Is Your Wake-Up Call!” You do not want to miss out on the information David has to share.





Barry Moniak - Don‘t Resist Interdependence

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAScAAAAJGIzYTBjOWNlLTVmNTctBarry Moniak is an Organizational Therapist at End In Mind. Today, his topic is Synergistic Culture and he will discuss the importance of interdependence. 

Questions Answered: 
1) What does it take to have a synergistic outcome?
2) What is interdependence?
3) Why do we resist interdependence?

What does Barry Moniak believe?

He believes that all human beings have the innate desire to become better versions of themselves. Every innovative leader knows this.

He believes that the workplace is the ideal place for this transformation to take place; not the mountain top, seaside, church or synagogue; not even the latest greatest get motivated seminar. The job site is the place to achieve enlightenment!

We do not typically think of the workplace as the best environment in which to become better quality human beings. But it is. The world of business, the place we spend so much time together, provides the perfect playing field – the tough, no-nonsense, yet highly creative space in which we discover who we really are; learn to work and play well with others; and evolve daily to become our best selves. This is what Innovative Leadership is all about.

Contact Info: 

Vince Mastrovito - Family Business Culture


Vince Mastrovito of Prometis Partners shares great tips about how you can create and maintain a successful family business culture.


Dean Del Sesto - How to Define a Brand (F2918)











Dean Del Sesto is the president of Breviti, a brand consulting and development agency that focuses on brand strategy and development for primarily small to mid-size business-to-business companies.


Joe Seetoo - The Realities of Selling your Business in a Zero Interest Rate Environment


Mr. Seetoo is a Partner and Vice President with Morton Capital Management - a Registered Investment Advisor managing about $1.6 bn in assets under management as of June 30, 2016. As a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Analyst, Mr. Seetoo has 17 years of experience in developing investment strategies for affluent business owners and high net worth families. 

Questions Answered: 

1. Why is it important for business owners to do financial planning prior to selling their business?
2. Your firm has a niche in identifying alternative investment strategies - why is that?
3. How can business owners (or any investor) generate sufficient income in Zero interest rate environment after they
sell their businesses?


Contact Info: 







We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!



We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

John Bly - Cracking the Code (F2617)













John Bly is an author and co-managing member of LBA Haynes Strand, PLLC. Today, he will discuss small business and the current M&A environment. 



Philip Arthurs: Building an Army of Qualified Business Buyers


Philip Arthurs is an investor, entrepreneur, CPA, and evangelist for acquisition entrepreneurship. He is spreading the word about why buying an existing business is the best way to become an entrepreneur and how it’s more affordable than many think. As the host of The Business Miner Podcast, Philip delivers gold nuggets to aspiring entrepreneurs, and he is excited to share with us today helpful tips for finding, analyzing, and closing on business deals. He's helping people become the entrepreneur everyone admires and respects! 

Here's an overview of our discussion:
1. Tell us about how you're helping business sellers through your podcast and coaching program
2. Are you yourself looking to purchase businesses?
3. What advice would you provide to business owners looking to exit their business in the next 3-10 years?

Patrick Carroll - Planning to Protect Your Lifestyle Post-Sale


Patrick Carroll of Obsidian Planning Solutions is a true professional in the field of business exit planning and a member of the BEI group of Exit Planners. A business owners personal finances are critical to the success of a exit or transition plan.

Questions we discussed:
1.    Business owners have numerous advisors, why do they need one more?

2.    You developed a step-by-step process for business owners called the Lifestyle Protector Program. Why?

3.    What is the number one tip you could give to business owners to position themselves for success?

Promotional Offer
One of the biggest question in the mind of owners is how much is my business worth? And how does that compare to competitors? 
At Obsidian Planning Solutions, we offer a Complimentary Business Competitive Analysis. You'll receive a thorough analysis of your P&L and balance sheet to see how you stack up against your competition. To get started schedule your discovery conversation by visiting obsidianplanning.com and click on the Schedule a Call Button.



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Chris Bond - Surviving the Founder is A Key to Business Transfer

Chris Bond of Murphy Business Financial Corp. discusses a recent business sale and the common needs of businesses to "survive" the founder to transfer successfully.


Chris: Surviving the exit of the founder or the operators, that's the biggest key, and every client project I work on is heavily weighted toward good will, so the value is often in the name, the brand, the phone number, the web address, and a lot of what the founder or operator has built. So, it's difficult to transfer that. I've got a deal right now, a signed purchase and sale agreement, all ducks in a row, all pieces negotiated, lawyers have done their parts, the one snag is: final piece of financing for the buyer, and getting a bank to be comfortable with how heavily weighted this small publishing company is on the founder's knowledge as opposed to the books, and that's a challenge. We've got multiple banks looking at it, trying to get one of them comfortable with the buyer, who is so savvy and so talented that he's going to be able to grow the business beyond what the founder's built, never mind maintain what he's built. 

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Paul Ousterhout - KPIs, Profits, and Exit Strategies

Host: Bill Black. 

Paul Ousterhout explains KPIs and how they can drive profit and exit strategies. 
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Kathy Mondotte - The Right Way to Follow Your Passions








Kathy Mondotte talks about her current projects, and the reward of following your passions with fervor and dedication. 



Martin Staubus - ESOP Administration Costs Vary Widely

Here's a past highlight from one of our Guests. Find their full interview at www.ExitCoachRadio.com -- just click "Audio Library" in the "LISTEN" section and enter their name to hear all of their past interviews!

In this 1 minute highlight, Martin Staubus, Consultant - Beyster Institute at the Rady School Management  explains that ESP Admin costs can vary widely so it makes sense to shop and compare when considering an ESOP.


Bailey Smith - Top 10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes (D2318)


Bailey Smith of TLD Law joins us once again to share his wisdom and experience and help you avoid the top 10 Estate Planning mistakes he has seen people make.

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We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Peter Sieffert - The Importance of Knowing the Enterprise Value of Your Business Before you Exit (J2117)

Peter Sieffert is the Owner of Swiss Avenue Partners San Diego, a company focused on helping business owners grow enterprise value in preparation for sale, acquisition, or transition. Today, Peter will discuss why you should know the enterprise value of your business regardless of when you are thinking of an exit. 
Questions Discussed:
1) Why should owners know the total enterprise value of their business today, regardless of when they plan to exit? 
2) Why should a company increase their total enterprise value today?
3) Who can businesses turn to to initiate the discussion?
Contact Info: 


Jim Muehlhausen - Half Retire


Jim Muehlhausen, Founder of Half Retire, helps individuals maximize their business value via a strategy he calls Half Retirement. Jim noticed a trend of people reluctant to fully retire and sought to create a solution. Some business owners may lose their sense of identity if they are no longer at CEO status, and can tend to struggle to find ways to fill the day without the work they know and love. Meanwhile, some may simply struggle to sell the business for their magic number and remain in the business out of necessity.

In his interview, Jim describes what half retirement looks like in a practical sense, as well as what needs to happen in order to successfully half retire. He discusses the benefits of being able to drive up the value of your business while working less hours, and ultimately not losing money to transactional sales tax. Jim shares ways to design work away and be responsible for only the unique areas in which you cannot be replaced. He also discusses his upcoming book, also called “Half Retire,” which dives deeper into the concepts he’s outlined. If you desire to maintain a successful company and income while working less, Jim’s interview is definitely for you.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:59-4:50: What is Half Retirement all about?
  • 7:19-8:19: Some of the things needed to successfully half retire.
  • 9:56-10:57: You cannot simply delegate your way to half retirement, you still need to bring your unique work.
  • 16:22-17:15: Technology’s role in the half retirement process and business valuation.
  • 18:30-19:28: Delegation costs money, but there are ways to design work away.


Henry Evans - Best Practices for Driving Accountability & Building High Performing Teams (J2717)

Henry Evans is the Managing Partner of Dynamic Results, a Strategy Implementation and Organizational Development firm. According to Harvard University, Dynamic Results' clients implement their strategies at 8 times the rate of most companies.

Questions Discussed:

1) What does it mean when you say your clients implement their strategies at 8x the rate of most companies, according to Harvard?

2) Your Accountability Method, and also, your approach to generating leadership at every level of an organization, have both gotten a lot of press. What, if anything, do the approaches have in common?

3) Your methods have gotten a lot of press (Inc., Forbes, Washington Post, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur) for being counterintuitive. For example, you promote the idea that it's okay to get angry at work. Can you say more about that?

Contact Info: 

Email Address: hevans@dynamicresults.com

Website: www.dynamicresults.com

 Books available on Amazon: "Winning With Accountability, The Secret Language of High Performing Organizations" & "Step Up, Lead In Six Moments That Matter"






Brad Leggett - How Sales Organizations are Changing to Survive Covid

Screen_Shot_2020-06-19_at_102223_AM_bctie.pngBack with us again is CEO and Founder of Leggett Sales and Provisors member, Brad Leggett. Brad has been in sales since age 16, and through his career has worked in nearly every aspect of sales. He now specializes in building leading high performance sales teams by determining their team development issues, then developing and implementing solutions for them. Brad has some new ideas you can implement for increasing sales in the current crisis. 

Brad packs a lot of potent information into his interview, including strategies for increasing sales, things that aren’t so different, and tips to master the digital space. He discusses the importance of internalizing that you can be successful in this time, as perception can sometimes be more powerful than reality.

Brad shares powerful tips for making yourself stand out on digital platforms, as well as ways you can re-structure your day for maximum efficiency. He also talks about ways leaders should approach potential layoffs if they are absolutely necessary - and why they should avoid layoffs. This situation is something no one has seen before, but Brad’s insight may be your key to unlocking unexpected success in this unprecedented time.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:00-6:02: Mindset, attitude, and perception regarding sales is essential to success.
  • 6:38-7:38: Importance of being human and vulnerable with customers.
  • 9:06-10:05: Perception can be as or more powerful than reality. 
  • 10:28-11:30: We need to consider people’s attention spans being shorter in a digital setting.
  • 14:01-15:15: Some aspects of sales that haven’t changed due to Covid. 
  • 18:48-19:54: Think long term when it comes to layoffs - think about how your actions now will affect your business 12 months from now.


Steve Klein - Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes (G1417)

Steve Klein is the CEO of the Professional Development Center. Today, Steve will dive in to the topic of enlarging the comfort zone of human potential. 
Website: PDCchange.com



Hema Dey - Marketing is Like a War Game









Hema Dey, of Iffel International, discusses the mechanics of an effective marketing program.


Bill: We asked marketing strategist Hema Dey for some key ideas and strategies for business owners to think about when developing their marketing plan.

Hema: Marketing is like a war game, so you really need to understand the landscape of the people that you want to sell to, and who your competitors are. We always produce a functional marketing plan. Another thesis, which is three months worth of work, but something that you can actually  go out and say, right, roughy, this is your target market, here are your threats, your competitors, and what you’re up against, and really measure what those gaps are to make sure that the sales model, and I know a lot of people see the word “sales” as a big taboo word, but a business cannot survive without sales and if you apply that right across even the professional service sector…if people can actually put a sales organization within their business, then I think they’ve got it right. 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Jim Immel - Legacy Decision Making


Jim Immel, of Immel and Associates, is a succession coach who truly put his clients first. Having an extensive background in the insurance industry, Jim asks unique questions that other advisors may not consider. In his time working in the insurance industry, he found that his clients were more prepared for death than life. This spurred Jim to make the eventual shift into coaching, and he now helps people imagine and achieve their goals.

In his interview, Jim talks about the importance of deeply understanding what his clients care about, and challenging the status quo. Knowing that the corner office can get lonely, Jim serves as sort of a business psychologist and helps business owners reflect on their past decisions in order to more strategically move into the future. He shares the value of listening and asking potent questions that facilitate a clients’ breakthrough. Jim also deciphers the phrase “key employee” and why they are critical to a successful succession plan. With over 40 years of experience, Jim has a huge collection of wisdom, and everyone can benefit from his expertise.

1 minute sections:

  • 13:17-14:20: Talking about fight or flight thought mechanisms at play when speaking
  • 14:53-14:54: Take them back before you take them forward - thinking about the biggest decision made 10 years ago and realizing how quickly that time went by
  • 18:24-19:24: Talks about success in succession planning when able to retain talent/key employees
  • 20:59-22:01: Distinguishing between key employee vs. critical employee - getting a better understanding of critical fixtures in business


Peter Lehrman - Modernizing Business Acquisition


Peter Lehrman is the CEO and founder of Axial, an online platform used by thousands of business owners and their advisors to raise growth capital, explore acquisitions, and exit their business. Peter started Axial 11 years ago intending to improve how entrepreneurs execute the most important business transactions of their careers. His platform covers all the bases regarding business sales, eliminating gaps Peter noticed through the transaction process, and aims to elevate every aspect of the experience. Axial gives small business owners an opportunity to find professional help in a modernized way. 

In his interview, Peter takes a look at business acquisition through a modern lens. While business owners wouldn’t hesitate to hire a realtor, he notes that many still believe they can handle business acquisitions without professional help. His platform serves as a matchmaker for buyers and sellers, and Peter discusses the importance of assembling the proper audience for garnering the most value. Peter also shares some exit strategies that we don’t usually talk about. Take the time to level up your exit planning and business acquisition strategies with Peter’s indispensable expertise.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 10:19-11:20: Business owners don’t hesitate to hire a realtor, but surprisingly try to go it alone for a business sale - it is not that easy.
  • 12:45-13:44: Describes the worst time to try to sell your business.
  • 15:40-16:52: Improving business valuation by assembling an audience of potential buyers that fit the bill 



Chuck Gallagher - Every Choice Has A Consequence

chuck-gallagher1.jpgChuck Gallagher is President of the Ethics Resource Group. Today, he will discuss our daily choices, and how every choice has a consequence. 

Questions Answered: 

1) How did your choices in life change your life?
2) If you had it to do over again, would you have made the same choices?
3) You are open about your prison experience, what have you learned from that experience?


Contact Info: 



Steve Van Valin - Shaping a Culture that is Engaged to Innovate (A1818)


Steve Van Valin, Founder and CEO of Culturology, helps companies shape a culture that is engaged to innovate. At Culturology, they specialize in contemporary cultures where people need to be competitive, especially customer-facing businesses looking for a unique edge. A business’s culture is much like a personality and determines the common expectations people have when working together. By shaping the culture intentionally, you can help your team be more innovative and engaged. 

In his interview, Steve discusses high-level tactics of culture design and how it can contribute to innovation. He highlights the importance of being an expert at the creative process in order to facilitate more creativity from your team. While the phrase may seem paradoxical, Steve encourages you to plan time for spontaneous interactions. Steve also proposed the idea of “addition by subtraction,” meaning sometimes it takes removing barriers in order to help employees become more innovative. Steve’s insight is a powerful tool for anyone hoping to get more cohesion and creativity from their teams through relatively simple means.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 2:24-3:15: How Steve defines culture and how it is like a personality.
  • 6:41-7:46: Consistencies in how companies of any kind drive innovation.
  • 10:16-11:23: Good creative ideas can be small things involving constant problem solving.
  • 14:23-15:28: Become an expert on the creative process itself in order to help your team think more openly.



Sean Brawley - Sustainable High Performance and the Inner Game (B2218)


Sean Brawley is a world renowned expert on sustainable high performance and the Inner Game. His clients include Super Bowl Champion Coach Pete Carroll and Senior leaders of GE, ITT, and Union Bank.

Today, Sean speaks to us about the basic premise of the Inner Game, about his work with Pete Carroll, and how his coaching can help CEOs.

Contact Sean for a free 30 Minute consultation to explore how coaching can help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.


Tom Miller - How Can You Turn Your Employee Investment into a Growth Driver?


Tom is in the business of compensation design for privately owned companies. He'll describe how he helps business owners construct pay-for-performance strategies that turn employees into growth partners. Compensation (such as salaries, bonuses, commissions) is typically the largest expense on a business's financials. How can this investment be turned into a driver growth? This is the question Tom's firm, The VisionLink Advisory Group, is constantly striving to answer.

Today we tackle these questions:
1. What is the biggest mistake most business owners make relating to paying their employees?
2. What's the first thing a business owner should do in order to turn employees, as you say, into growth partners?
3. When you look at company's compensation strategy, is there usually a glaring omission?

For listeners to this show, Tom's firm is offering a complimentary consultation to discuss any compensation issue you're struggling with.




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Mahyar Ghassemian - Contract Provisions Can Help You Deal with COVID-19


Mahyar is the Founder and President of Ghassemian Law Group, which specializes in Constriction and Business Law. Today we talk about ways that businesses can use various provisions in their contracts to help with their current situations.

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Tom Gledhill - What Type of Buyer Are You After? (F1718)










Quick tips from Tom Gledhill.


Bill: What are some of the major buyer types of businesses out there? It’s important to understand the differences, here’s Tom Glehill.

Tom: Buyer types, that I’ve identified and I use, are: you’ve got your strategic buyers and then you’ve got your sophisticated financial buyers, which are basically pegs and small investment groups. And then you’ve got your lifestyle buyers, which basically are people that are buying a job. The bottom of the heap you’ve got your industrial buyers. Now these are people like you and me perhaps, that run a company and you’re looking for something that you can purchase, an asset you can purchase, and pay at a rock bottom price. And when they come knocking on your door, you have to be very careful. Best thing you can do is get professional help at that point in time, so those are the four buyer’s types that I’ve identified. 


Kip Kolson - The Legacy Family (E1718)


Kip is president of Family Wealth Leadership; a wealth management and multi-family office firm, but unique in that they coach family members and future generations to mitigate the damage wealth can cause in family relationships. With that experience as a foundation, Kip is the author of a new book, The Legacy Family; Father, Son, and "Holy Coach"

Questions Answered: 

1. Why did you write this book and who can benefit from reading it?

2. The title is unique. Is there a story behind the title?

3. As a family's net worth increases, especially if that includes a family owned and operated business, does that create challenges and haven't the families already addressed these issues through the estate planning they have done with their attorneys?

4. Is this a self-help book?

Contact Info: 

Website: www.familywealthleadership.com

Email: kkolson@familywealthleadership.com

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Westbow Press, and www.kipkolson.com. If anyone is interested in meeting with us for a complimentary initial interview, we will give them a copy of the book.


Vince Mastrovito - Bringing your kids into the business?

A certified exit planning advisor, Vincent is the founder and president of Prometis Partners. He began his career in 1989 providing wealth management services to businesses and individuals. After two decades with Lincoln Financial Group, confident in his own experience, Vincent built his own firm, Prometis Partners.  During his years as an independent succession planning advisor, Vincent has discovered his true passion for working closely with business owners on exit planning strategies. He brings his experience and enthusiasm for finding solutions to each new challenge.
Today we discuss the following questions:
Why should you consider this?
What challenges are there?
What makes a successful relationship?

Rodney Hatley - Do I need to go Offshore for Asset Protection?


Rod Hatley of Chhokar Law Group P.C. discusses concepts related to Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation. We add new content daily! Listen on iTunes: iTunes.ExitcoachRadio.com .  


Bill: There's been a lot of talk lately about different types asset protection strategies, especially from business owners who are going from a complicated business asset to liquid. Here's Rod Hatley. 

Rod: Unfortunately, there are people out there who prey on the unsophisticated, and they will talk to you about going offshore, hiding assets, and evading taxes. And, unfortunately, that does happen, but I'm here to tell you, a change in the law some years ago, we can achieve a similar level of protection domestically. We've found that it makes a lot more sense to keep a client domestically, if they'd like to stay. Let me say it this way: asset protection, if it's done legally and ethically, it's not about hiding anything, it's about simply structuring the owner of the asset so that they're safeguarded from risk, nothing more, nothing less. And we can help clients avoid taxes, but we can't help them evade. 


Heath Goldman - What Will Your Legacy Look Like in 25 Years?


Back with us again is Heath Goldman, President and CEO of ICON Wealth & Legacy Partners. Heath serves as a financial Architect for business owners and real estate partners. He is also a Provisors member and group leader for estate and succession planning. Heath knows the value of a good plan, and is an expert and helping others protect and create their legacy.

In his interview, Heath stresses the importance of communication, collaboration, and coordination between advisors. In order to make the best plan, these different people must be aware of each other’s actions to avoid any gaps. Clients often struggle with taking the time to understand what their team is doing on their behalf. You may think you know what is going on with your estate plan until the questions begin, and it is essential that the whole team - including family - is on the same page. We all want to leave a proper legacy, so listen to Heath’s tips for doing just that.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 4:04-5:05: You may think you know what is going on until the questions begin - get on the same page and have these conversations.
  • 8:39-9:44: Ego and legacy, “How will I be remembered?”
  • 13:19-14:18: Importance of communication, collaboration, and coordination between advisors. 




We hope you enjoy this 10 minute compilation of 1 minute tips from our past guests! Have a great weekend!

Peter Williamson - Is Your Business Aligned With Your Goals? (K1517)


Peter Williamson of Action Coach discusses the first step of coaching -- aligning the business with the owner's goals.

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