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Simon Lovell - Emotional & Energetic Intelligence for Super High Performance


Simon Lovell went from being a bullied teen, addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling and then built his own million dollar company, but he still wasn't happy. After healing his childhood trauma he now helps CEOS and entrepreneurs become fulfilled through a proven six week transformational process called The Super High Performance Formula. He is the author of The Black Ball: Does Anybody Else Have a Secret? and has been featured on Entrepreneur and Forbes. Simon is also the host of the Unshakeable Leaders podcast.

Today, we discussed the answers to these questions:

How does emotional intelligence impact performance in business?
What is a black ball?
What is the impact of meditation on a CEO / entrepreneur?

Mike Leannah - Grow Your Business Value NOW to Maximize your Future


Mike Leannah’s background includes over 20 years in a C-Suite executive position in various industries domestically, along with 4 years of international experience with a Fortune 100 company.

As an entrepreneur, Mike organically grew his company from $2.7M to $22M in a four- year period, realizing EBITDA growth from $400K to $3.1M.
Mike joined Cornerstone with the goal of helping business owner clients plan for the single, most critically important financial event of their lives - the transition out of their business. Mike, as a member of the BEI Network of Exit Planning Professionals has earned the designation of a BEI Certified Exit Planner, CExP.

During this interview, we discuss the answers to these questions (among others):

What do owners and CEO say is the biggest issue that they face?
What is the business owners largest obstacle in building enterprise value?
What are the characteristics of a company that will grow and prosper during and after this pandemic?

Mike offers a 1 Hour Complimentary consultation to discuss "What's keeping you up at night"

Elizabeth Mower - Business Owner Exit Planning Trends During COVID-19


In the field of Exit Planning for business owners, the original organization focused on this topic is a company called BEI. For the last 25 or 30 years, BEI has been training professional advisors to do comprehensive and customized planning for business clients, and then equipping those advisors with software and tools to manage each client's Exit Planning journey.

Today I'm joined by the President of BEI, Elizabeth Mower. Elizabeth leads BEI in fulfilling its mission to help business owners benefit from their life's work, and she's joining us today to talk about what she sees happening right now in terms of owners of closely held businesses creating plans for the future. Elizabeth spent the first phase of her career working directly with business clients, but for the last 15 years or so, she has been dedicated to helping advisor deliver better outcomes to their clients.

In this interview we discuss the answers to these questions:


Are business owners doing more or less planning for the future during the COVID-19 pandemic?

What would you say are the ways that the current situation for owners is the same as it was during the Great Recession, and in what ways are things different today?

A lot of business owners are more busy and more stressed out these days, and if we assume that's true regardless of geography and industry, are you seeing any trends or bright spots that would help a business owner take steps today that move them toward whatever it is they want the future to look like?


BEI has a massive amount of content for both business owners and their advisors available for free at BEI's website, which is ExitPlanning.com.

Business owners can also ask their most trusted advisor for a plan that is powered by BEI's planning platform. If they want to find an advisor who is specially trained in Exit Planning, business owners can go to ExitPlanning.com and use the Find an Advisor tool under Resources. Or, to get started in thinking about the future, business owners can take a look at BEI's most recent book, which is called ExitPlanning: The Definitive Guide. You can go to ExitPlanning.com/definitiveguide (or even to Amazon) and get the book. It comes with online self-assessments and checklists that business owners can use to start to map out their futures.

And for professional advisors, we suggest that they go to ExitPlanning.com and follow the blog, listen to BEI's podcast (it's called Why We Plan) or learn more about BEI's tools and resources for advisors.

Nada Lena - EQ and Why Your Success Depends on It


Get a pen and notepad ready for this next interview with Nada Lena, Founder of Rise Up For You. Nada is in the business of personal and professional development, and learned quickly that success is largely dependent on people. She began as a globally touring singer and dancer, eventually becoming an executive, and ultimately starting her company. Being in places where she didn’t speak the native language, she realized how important nonverbal communication is and she now applies her knowledge gained from being a successful performer to the corporate world. 

In her interview, Nada discusses, in depth, the four pillars of emotional intelligence. Many of us want next level success, but not all of us are actually willing to make the changes needed to get to that next level, and change starts from within. Nada knows firsthand that sometimes the truth may be hard to hear, but will lead to exceptional results. A well-developed EQ will lead to the ability to adapt to your environment and ensure the audience will understand your message. Now is the time to start making positive changes in your life, and Nada’s expertise will surely help you become more successful.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:34-6:44: Balancing introversion and extroversion - you have to understand the needs of the people in the room.
  • 7:32-8:34: You don’t know what you don’t know - our assessment of ourselves isn’t always accurate.
  • 11:56-13:00: Self-management is essential to emotional intelligence. 
  • 13:31-14:39: Having a game plan, but being ready and willing to adapt to your audience.
  • 16:24-17:14: Discusses the amount of time and effort it takes to shift behavior and see sustainable results.

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Dierdre Maloney - Building Bliss (G2017)

Screen_Shot_2020-05-26_at_42521_PM_8u0bn.pngDierdre Maloney, President of Momentum, LLC., is a “bliss-builder” who helps people live a more authentically happy and successful life. She has a storied background and is also a published author and national speaker. Dierdre’s approach is largely based on what she calls mildly audacious leadership, and she shares leadership lessons that people don’t usually talk about. She knows from experience that being a leader can get lonely, and it is important to develop ways to thrive in all aspects of life. 

In her interview, Dierdre discusses the necessity of authenticity. Authentic living means more easily connecting with others, being very comfortable with yourself, and being aware of your own limitations. Dierdre speaks of the importance of having a trusted circle of people for meaningful feedback, and also identifying leaders you admire to model yourself after their example. Striving to be someone that others aim to model themselves after can help you and your business thrive. Listen to Dierdre’s expertise to jump start your well-being.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 3:56-4:51: Be willing to be who you are and say what others won’t say, it is refreshing to others.
  • 6:22-7:12: The correlation between living authentically and success. 
  • 14:19-15:19: Talks about the importance of making sure employees feel heard in a company.

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Mike Carter - Making Business Valuation Accessible & Affordable (K0617)


BizEquity's Valuation as a Service (VaaS)TM system was created to democratize business valuation knowledge for all business owners and the advisors who serve them. Our vision is to value every private business in the world and to make business valuation affordable, accessible, and real-time, thus ushering in the next great cloud based software andBig Data company for Small Business.

Questions Answered: 

1. Why did you start BizEquity?

2. Why is BizEquity important to an advisor? 

3. Where is BizEquity in 10 years? 

Contact Info: 

Website: bizequity.com

Email: brent@bizequity.com


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Miranda McCroskey - Your Professional License is at Risk


Miranda McCroskey of Unlock Legal shares her experience and precautions for Professionals of all kinds.


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Dr Paul Schempp - The Expert of Experts


Dr. Paul Schempp is a Professor at the University of Georgia. He is a research professor who studies experts and the development of expertise. Dr. Schempp has identified that a common characteristic among experts is having good mentorship. He has studied hundreds of experts and authored the book "5 Steps to Expert: How to Go from Business Novice to Elite Performer." 

In his interview, Dr. Schempp dives deep on the value of mentorship, especially for those nearing their business exit. Mentoring a protege can help pass your values onto the next generation, and meanwhile, proteges seeking expertise will greatly benefit from having a mentor - the relationship is symbiotic. For our listeners who may hope to one day begin an expertise-based practice, Dr. Schempp also shares some tips to help you achieve elite performance levels. We all have the ability to achieve mastery, and guidance is essential in that journey, so don’t miss Dr. Schempp’s advice on attaining the level of success you desire.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:23-6:18: Informal relationships between mentors and proteges can be most effective.
  • 10:52-12:00: Tips for identifying good proteges and transferring your values to the next generation.
  • 15:02-15:58: The greatest experts are not necessarily the greatest mentors.
  • 18:45-19:42: Speaking about "5 Steps to Expert: How to Go from Business Novice to Elite Performer"

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Jim McComb - Certain Success in An Uncertain Future



Jim McComb, a Pathfinder at Wild Card Strategy, is in the business of helping others find certain success in an uncertain future. Wild Card Strategy evolved as he began to work with business owners, and found their biggest problem was dealing with future uncertainties. He specializes in working with leaders to strategically plan, develop, and execute business tactics that factor in plausible wild cards. Jim defines “wild card” as anything, either positive or negative, that may disrupt life as we know it, and therefore change the way we can do business. 

Though Jim’s interview has been resurrected from a few years ago, his information is more relevant than ever. The only thing we can be certain of is constant change, and Jim proposes that by identifying possible wild cards, we can plan ahead and prepare strategies for these events ahead of time. The most successful people are able to anticipate the future and get there before their competition does. Jim shares various examples of forethought and innovation that led to revolutions in how we do things, as well as ways of looking at negative change as an opportunity for positive growth. Additionally, Jim shares the one thing that truly drives all business, and how you can find it. Jim’s impressive foresight and wisdom may be the key to growing and adapting your business in ways you never imagined.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:56-6:51: In a chilling moment from the past, he talks of the ebola outbreak and how diseases can potentially affect business in the future.
  • 9:13-10:14: Defining success in your own terms as a path to becoming a “winner.”
  • 11:52-12:47: “Those who can anticipate the future and get there first are the winners...”
  • 12:58-14:13: Describes “The Crystal Ball” - the one thing that will drive all business.
  • 17:24-18:40: An example of how to find success despite the negative wild card event happening
  • 18:58-19:56: What opportunities may be created by a plausible wild card? Disruption can fuel new ways of doing business - extremely relevant to today’s crisis.

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Hattye Knight - Against Company Policy (K2917)


Hattye Knight, is a Human Resources professional, published author of Against Company Policy, a HR suspense novel, speaker, radio show host, and trainer. She is going to speak today about an employee relations issue on conducting a fact finding investigation.

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Sven Buncher - Options & Alternatives for Divorce


Sven Buncher of Buncher Law Group shares tips from his extensive experience in helping negotiate high asset divorces.

Show host Bill Black (The Exit Coach) invites you to "start the clock" on your Exit planning with a free Value Builder assessment - click here

Katie Wagner - Digital Marketing Demystified (F2718)


Katie Wagner of Katie Wagner Social Media clearly explains the best strategies to get potential customers to your website.

Please share this interview with your Social Media contacts!
Show host Bill Black helps business owners develop their 3-5 year Succession & Exit plan. Learn more at www.Ersi.biz

Jasmine Sandler - Build a Powerful Social Brand that will Lead to Business (G0917)

Jasmine Sandler is a global digital marketing and sales consultant and trainer in the areas of Online Branding, SEO and B2B Social Media. She has been the CEO of a Digital Agency since 2006, and has a niche service that she provides for CEOs and small business owners called Personal Branding Online. Jasmine recently published her 3rd book called "How to Brand Yourself Online Like A CEO" with a related Social Branding Course for business owners. 
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Jack Scherer - What It Takes to Hire Proven Talent (L1017)

Jack Scherer is the President of SALESTALENT, a national sales recruiting and sales training company. Jack will discuss what it takes to hire proven talent and the current trends in hiring sales people.
Questions Discussed:
What are the 3 biggest mistakes in hiring good sales people?
What really makes a great salesperson?
What national trends do you see in hiring salespeople?
Contact Info: 
Email Address: jack@salestalent.com


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Dr. David Leonardi - The Technology of Aging and the Prevention of Age-Related Diseases (D0218)


Dr. David Leonardi of the Leonardi Institute in Lakewood, CO, talks about the current state of medical technology and how it is helping us live longer, healthier lives. Originally working as an emergency physician, he quickly realized that many of his most catastrophic cases could’ve been prevented by early action. Dr. Leonardi eventually shifted his focus to preventative medicine in order to help people avoid major, vitality-lowering health events. At the Leonardi Institute, his patients can invest one day into improving the quality of the rest of their life. 

In his interview, Dr. Leonardi shares critical information regarding longevity, vitality, and maintaining a zest for life. He talks a bit about his hand-tailored process for creating nutrition plans for his patients, and also discusses some lifestyle tips you can use now. He also scientifically breaks down diet and disease causes, helping you make more informed choices about how you eat. Whether you want to be able to run your business for longer, or simply enjoy retirement with a cleaner bill of health, Dr. Leonardi’s expertise concerning wellness should not be missed.

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Kelly Finnell - The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Exit Planning.


Kelly Finnell is an attorney and the president of Executive Financial Services, a national ESOP consulting firm. Kelly is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, "The ESOP Coach: Using ESOPs in Ownership Succession Planning." 

Today, we discussed the following questions:
1. What has been the impact of the coronavirus pandemic exit planning strategies?
2. What are the key indicators of a situation where an ESOP might be an appropriate exit planning strategy?
3. what is the process for determining whether a company may be a good candidate for an ESOP?

Kelly is offering a free copy of his book, "The ESOP Coach: Using ESOPs in Ownership Succession Planning."

Paul West - Good Busy vs Bad Busy. Why Business Owners Get Stuck in the Trees and Not the Forest


Having advised numerous business owner families, Paul West shares his insight on some key personal mistakes business owners miss out on due to focusing on wrong activities.

Paul received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned his MBA from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Paul and his wife, Courtney, have three children, twins Cecilia and Liam, and son, Louie. Paul enjoys golf, traveling, hiking and rooting for the Huskers.

Questions we addressed:

1.  What are the top mistakes you see business owners making today?
2.  How do you help business owners know when enough is enough?
3. I see that you are a CAP (Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy) in addition to a CFP (Certified Financial Planner). Why do you think that's important?

2 Special Offers:
- Election Protection portfolio defense review. If you are concerned about the election and impact on portfolio, we can share a complimentary risk analysis.
- Complimentary Business Owner exit planning assessment. Our team will help you assess your long-term readiness approach.


Brent Pasqua - Financial Planning & Exit Planning with Business Owners


Brent is the founder of RPA Wealth Management. RPA is a fee only financial planning firm that specializes in working retirees and business owners. They are based out of rancho Cucamonga, CA and the company was founded in 2013.

Here are questions we focused on today:
Why do you specialize in these types of clients?

What does the process look like when working with business owners? 

Why are you fee only and why is that important to clients?

Special offers:
Download our ebook on our website 
Listen to our podcast at retirementplanplaybook
Schedule a complimentary phone call on our website

Al Zdenek - Plan Your Life and Business for How to You Want to Live Now and in the Future!


Speaker, author and entrepreneur Al Zdenek has empowered tens of thousands of people to live the lives they want now and in the future by demystifying the concepts surrounding personal finance. As a nationally recognized wealth advisor, Al’s repeatable processes and common sense approach has helped his clients make the 100% correct financial decisions all of the time.


We discussed the following questions and more:
1.    Why should an entrepreneur or business owner plan their business around what they want in life? 
2.    How does a business owner/entrepreneur begin make sure to plan the business around how they wish to live now and in the future?
3.    How did you reach financial independence by living the life you wanted to live?
4.    What three pieces of advice would you give to someone to achieve this?

Having a Championship Team of experts by your side is the first step towards consistent and powerful wealth generation. Learn simple, common-sense steps for building a team of A-players with Al’s free online mini-course.

These 8 videos, with worksheets, will help business owners and everyday people alike to begin to master their cash flow, finances, and achieve life they want now and into the future.

Tim Foster - Family Business oriented planning


Tim Foster shares valuable tips from his 40+ years of working with business owners - and some lessons he has learned from leading his own family business.

Doug Gray - Objectives + Key Results (OKR) Leadership


Doug Gray, PhD, PCC has always focused on outcome-based leader development.  He has worked with over 10,000 leaders in multiple business sectors, schools and colleges, families and non-profits.  Since 1997, as CEO of Action Learning Associates, www.action-learning.com, his consultancy guarantees results using the globally validated AD-FIT protocol in workshops, assessments and executive coaching.  Doug is also a consultant with the Family Business Consulting Group, a leading business consultancy exclusively devoted to helping family enterprises prosper across generations.  Doug speaks and trains leaders throughout North America.  His most recent book is Objectives + Key Results (OKR) Leadership; How to Apply Silicon Valley’s Secret Sauce to Your Career, Team or Organization (2019).  This is his third book, written because his clients asked, “What really works?”  Doug and his family live near Nashville, TN, USA.

Here are some of the questions we discussed today:
1.  What is OKR Leadership?
2.  How are family business leaders driving our economy?
3.  How can leaders practice the HERO model during a global pandemic?

Free download of chapter 1 from Objectives + Key Results (OKR) Leadership; How to Apply Silicon Valley’s Secret Sauce to Your Career, Team or Organization (2019) is at www.OKRLeadership.com

Free digital training courses and access to most of my calendar for a complimentary meeting is at www.Action-Learning.com

Curt Mercadante - Does Your Brand Have Authority?


Curt Mercadante is founder of Merc Enterprises and he is a branding expert, speaker and business strategist.

Here are some of the questions we tackled in this interview:
You talk about an "authority brand." What other types of brands are there, and what's the difference?
What are the four pillars of building an authority brand?
Where do you start with an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to build his/her authority brand?
What's the biggest mistake you see entrepreneurs make concerning branding?
How have you seen branding evolve over your 25 years of experience?
What is ONE piece of advice you can give to our listeners right now about building their authority brand?

Ksenia Muench - Keep calm: I’m your insurance Advisor


Ksenia Muench of Wood Gutmann Bogart Insurance Brokers shares valuable insights about reviewing, understanding and insuring your risks as your life and lifestyle changes.


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Michelle Tillis Lederman - How Relationships Drive Business Growth


Michelle Tillis Lederman, CEO and Founder of Executive Essentials, is a Communications and Likeability expert. Formerly managing business loan allocations, Michelle realized that most business owners don’t understand the value of likeability, and wanted to explain how they could leverage their relationships to help business growth instead. This led her to start Executive Essentials, where she creates custom programs, uniquely tailored to each business, geared to aid in growth. Michelle has seen firsthand the value of likeability and how it directly correlates to the bottom line.

In her interview, Michelle explains why likeability and cultivating meaningful relationships are so valuable. People will pay a premium to do business with someone they like, over cheaper or better services. She highlights the importance of authenticity, and the notion that everything you do in business must be from an authentic place. In addition to sharing a few laws of likeability, Michelle also offers some tips on asking better questions that lead to more fruitful responses. Being liked and being respected are not mutually exclusive, Michelle’s information will help you achieve both and drive up business growth.

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Hans Sperling - Important Legal Issues to Address Well in Advance of Your Business Sale (H3017)

In this 20+ minute highlight, Hans Sperling, Founder of Sperling Law Corporation discusses numerous strategies and ideas for your planning as you prepare for your Business Sale in the future, including the importance of your own pre-emptive "legal audit" to find and fix problem areas before your Buyer does, several tips on how to avoid "deal killers", and why your attorney should be your best friend when you are preparing to sell. Forward this to anyone who is saying they want to "sell someday soon"!




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Tim Carlin - An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life


Tim Carlin, Colonel United States Army retired is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Exit Planner at V Wealth Advisors.  On September 15th Tim is publishing his first book available on Amazon, An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life,  Life Lessons by Tim Carlin where Tim draws on his past experiences to give readers a crash course on facing lifes challenges and seizing its opportunities.

Questions we discussed:
1. What led you to a Financial Service career?
2. Why did you get certified in Business Owner Transition Planning?
3. Why did you write your book?

Patrick Carroll - Planning to Protect Your Lifestyle Post-Sale


Patrick Carroll of Obsidian Planning Solutions is a true professional in the field of business exit planning and a member of the BEI group of Exit Planners. A business owners personal finances are critical to the success of a exit or transition plan.

Questions we discussed:
1.    Business owners have numerous advisors, why do they need one more?

2.    You developed a step-by-step process for business owners called the Lifestyle Protector Program. Why?

3.    What is the number one tip you could give to business owners to position themselves for success?

Promotional Offer
One of the biggest question in the mind of owners is how much is my business worth? And how does that compare to competitors? 
At Obsidian Planning Solutions, we offer a Complimentary Business Competitive Analysis. You'll receive a thorough analysis of your P&L and balance sheet to see how you stack up against your competition. To get started schedule your discovery conversation by visiting obsidianplanning.com and click on the Schedule a Call Button.

Joel Dobrin - Getting the Most out of Cost Segregation


Joel Dobrin  joined me Cost Segregation Initiatives.  A true and still somewhat underutilized "Hidden Gem" of the Tax Code - Cost Segregation is a powerful strategy available to owners of commercial and residential rental property.   It can also be applied when improvements are being made to existing or older properties.  Enhancements made in the 2017 via Tax Reform and recently by the Cares Act have added key things that owners should be aware of.   

Questions we discussed:
1.  Who can benefit most from Cost Segregation?
2.   Is there a building cost basis threshold needed for this to make sense?
3.   Seems like more people are involved in this, some promoting Cost Seg and a host of other services, is there a difference in providers and what should one look for?

Joel will provide a no cost / no obligation benchmark overview assessing and illustrating potential tax savings benefits.  
Please feel free to call him at 805-680-3834 or email joel@costseginitiatives.com to discuss.

Todd Palmer - Fail Forward Leadership: the 4-step formula to success


CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, Todd helps his clients ditch their comfort zone, dive into their “failures,” and re-frame their mindset to be more authentic, transparent, and vulnerable to affect real change along the path to success.

In this interview Todd gave some great tips on how to initiate necessary changes in your life (or your business) and also helped with knowledge about how to find and keep great talent in these difficult times. 

Mary Anne Kochut - Power vs. Perception (A1618)

Kochut_Mary_79gar.pngMary Anne Kochut, of Champions For Success, LLC., is an author, motivational speaker, coach, adjunct professor, and management development professional. She specializes in the areas of leadership, communications, executive coaching, change management, and career transition and is also skilled in group dynamics, consultation, and facilitation. After a lengthy stay in the corporate world, she eventually became a “reluctant entrepreneur” and went on her own, rather than continue fitting into someone else's mold. Mary Anne’s passion is inspiring others to be productive and live the life they truly want to, evident in her book “Power vs. Perception: Ten Characteristics of Self-empowerment for Women.”

Mary Anne always encourages the people she coaches to be unstoppable. In her interview, she talks about the limitations we put on ourselves and how they stop us from attaining the success we desire. Mary Anne talks about inherent drives present in everyone, and how understanding these can help reveal your passions. She discusses some of her tried and true methods for reshaping people’s perceptions regarding what they may have previously considered to be impossible. Mary Anne’s inspiring conversation is useful to anyone hoping to shift their perspective and make the impossible possible.

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Marty Jacknis - Opportunity Blindness


Marty Jacknis, President of Opportunity Maximizers, Inc., is a highly rated professional speaker, author, entrepreneur, and trainer who helps individuals and organizations gain and maintain a competitive advantage in their chosen markets and endeavors. He’s previously worked for companies like IBM and has worked among the top business leaders in the world. Marty’s life was changed when he realized he needed to figure out why what he was doing was working, and he became proactively introspective. Marty has experienced first-hand the value of identifying and seizing opportunities. 

In his interview, Marty talks about self-limiting belief systems and how often you can do things just because you didn’t know they couldn’t be done. Marty also mentions a few ways to find new opportunities right away. Looking at the whole picture, rather than just one department, is also essential according to Marty. He shares various tried and true methods for improving negotiation and collaboration. The minute we slow down, our competition will catch us, listen to Marty’s interview for ways to constantly innovate and take advantage of new opportunities.


We've built a special collection of 20 minute interviews from members of Provisors and Vistage speakers. To see the directory and choose an interview visit ExitCoachRadio.com

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The Ultimate Diet Revolution - Jim Karas

Karas_Jim_b0gpu.pngJim Karas, of Jim Karas Personal Training, accidentally became a fitness instructor in 1986 and now has been a lifestyle expert for over 30 years. He’s authored several books, including “The Ultimate Diet Revolution,” and additionally secured his place as a well-sought after keynote speaker. Jim is a frequent contributor to shows like Dr. Oz and Good Morning America - he even was Diane Sawyer’s personal trainer and helped her lose over 25 pounds. While some may consider his approach to getting the best out of your mind and body to be controversial, he is prepared to tell you what others may not. 

Coming from the business world, Jim approaches well-being as though it’s a business plan. He knows the value of an individual’s time and that they’ll have a better chance for success when they’re most efficiently allocating their resources. Jim sheds light on how we should be eating to help our metabolism function best, as well as what exercise methods will prove to be most effective given a limited amount of time. He warns of weight loss methods that don’t necessarily keep the weight off, and may actually make it harder to lose weight again. As a TV spokesperson, he knows firsthand that mainstream media can be sensationalized and not 100% accurate, listen to Jim’s interview for the truth about diet and well-being.

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Kerry Heaps - How to Book More Speeches


Kerry Heaps from Book.Speak.Repeat shares great tips to help you book more speeches.

Jim Jubelirer - Have You Had Your Daily Huddle Today?

Jubelirer_Jim_a06ah.pngJim Jubelirer of Jubelirer Results Group works with business owners on scaling up their business. Being around business his whole life, Jim has seen plenty of highs and lows, but he’s always been following how business and people work. Industry agnostic, Jim works with clients globally to increase value while practicing a very holistic approach. Additionally serving as an executive coach in training programs at Duke, he’s helped countless people find small wins that lead to big momentum. 

Jim talks about not just what you need to do to reach your goals, but what you need to stop doing. He discusses the main predicting characteristic of successful people and why you should create a mindset of growth and well-being in all aspects of life. Jim also shares meeting strategies that improve team performance, including what he calls a “Daily Huddle.” Everyone wants to be on a winning team, help improve yours by listening to Jim’s vital information.


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Brandon Miller - Building Your Strengths (B1718)


Brandon Miller is a CEO of 34 Strong, Prominent Vistage member, and Gallup Certified Strengthsfinder Coach. He is in the business of building enduring strengths-based interdependent organizations through developing strong people, strong partnerships, and strong teams. The Strengthsfinder assessment has been gaining popularity, especially among Fortune 500 companies. Brandon is an expert at using these results to help teams communicate more effectively and improve all around. 

In his interview, Brandon connects the dots between leveraging employee’s natural strengths to increase in morale, retention, and engagement. Brandon explains how the Strengthsfinder assessment is different by focusing on what is right about people rather than what is wrong. People who are using their natural talents will become more engaged, and when this is applied to entire teams, they will enjoy a healthy boost in morale. Brandon shares measurable results as well as anecdotal evidence that prove the effectiveness of his claims. As a business leader, it’s crucial to remember that your best assets go home each night, invest some time in learning to strengthen your teams by listening to Brandon’s expertise.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 2:25-3:30: Brandon explains Strengthsfinder and talks about how to improve engagement and collaboration by leveraging strengths.
  • 12:10-13:30: How to begin to build your strengths and align strengths to help reach your goals.
  • 14:17-15:22: Who is this for? Strong teams attract strong players and help retain them.
  • 16:20-17:30: Stats and stories about engagement before and after the implementation of Strengthsfinder and how it relates to morale.

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Ben Griffin - Exit Strategies: The Mental Game (H0417)

Ben Griffin is the Chief Visionary of CEOIQ, a company that provides Executive Coaching, Peer Advisory Group Programs, Strategy and Team Alignment workshops for Entrepreneurs and their Leadership Teams. 

Questions Asked:
1. How long does it take to plan and execute an exit? 
2. What's the biggest mistake you see entrepreneurs make when preparing to exit their companies?
3. What can entrepreneurs do to better prepare for the 'mental side' of an exit? 
Contact Info: 
Website: www.ceoiq.com 

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Christina Haxton - Are You Facing Burnout?

Haxton_Christina_bag4x.pngFounder and CEO of Sustainable Leadership, Inc., Christina Haxton is an expert at helping others transform stress into increased engagement. Christina is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and in her clinical time, her clients tended to be extremely burnt out business executives. She began her business after realizing she wanted to help more than just one person at a time. Christina has guided countless people toward better lives, both at work and home, by sharing this important information. 

Many of the clients Christina was seeing were coming to her after a wake up call from a doctor or loved one. Her new goal is to prevent people from reaching the point of desperation, and instead educating about proactive measures that prevent burnout. Many business leaders have become distant from their colleagues, but connection is essential to managing stress. Christina shares 5 common warning signs of burnout and some changes you can make to help your team and yourself manage stress more effectively. Companies with a more cohesive and connected culture become more valuable, so don’t miss out on Christina’s beneficial information.

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Steve Van Valin - Shaping a Culture that is Engaged to Innovate (A1818)


Steve Van Valin, Founder and CEO of Culturology, helps companies shape a culture that is engaged to innovate. At Culturology, they specialize in contemporary cultures where people need to be competitive, especially customer-facing businesses looking for a unique edge. A business’s culture is much like a personality and determines the common expectations people have when working together. By shaping the culture intentionally, you can help your team be more innovative and engaged. 

In his interview, Steve discusses high-level tactics of culture design and how it can contribute to innovation. He highlights the importance of being an expert at the creative process in order to facilitate more creativity from your team. While the phrase may seem paradoxical, Steve encourages you to plan time for spontaneous interactions. Steve also proposed the idea of “addition by subtraction,” meaning sometimes it takes removing barriers in order to help employees become more innovative. Steve’s insight is a powerful tool for anyone hoping to get more cohesion and creativity from their teams through relatively simple means.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 2:24-3:15: How Steve defines culture and how it is like a personality.
  • 6:41-7:46: Consistencies in how companies of any kind drive innovation.
  • 10:16-11:23: Good creative ideas can be small things involving constant problem solving.
  • 14:23-15:28: Become an expert on the creative process itself in order to help your team think more openly.

We've built a special collection of 20 minute interviews from members of Provisors and Vistage speakers. To see the directory and choose an interview visit ExitCoachRadio.com

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Tom Miller - How Can You Turn Your Employee Investment into a Growth Driver?


Tom is in the business of compensation design for privately owned companies. He'll describe how he helps business owners construct pay-for-performance strategies that turn employees into growth partners. Compensation (such as salaries, bonuses, commissions) is typically the largest expense on a business's financials. How can this investment be turned into a driver growth? This is the question Tom's firm, The VisionLink Advisory Group, is constantly striving to answer.


Also, visit PhantomStock.com and BonusRight.com to learn about Key Employee incentive plans!

Today we tackle these questions:
1. What is the biggest mistake most business owners make relating to paying their employees?
2. What's the first thing a business owner should do in order to turn employees, as you say, into growth partners?
3. When you look at company's compensation strategy, is there usually a glaring omission?

For listeners to this show, Tom's firm is offering a complimentary consultation to discuss any compensation issue you're struggling with.


Brant Cooper - What Are You Doing to Move Your Needle?


Brant Cooper, NYT best-selling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and CEO of Moves the Needle.  Brant is an entrepreneur and intrapreneur mentor who's leading organizations out of the mental industrial age of asserting power and control methods into a culture of creativity, innovation, and lean methodologies to offer new value to customers, overcome growth plateaus, and empower individuals to make innovative changes.

Brant runs a team of four to produce a $2M ARR. Brant and I talk about his success milestones such as IPO, acquisition and rapid growth...as well as devastating failures. Be sure and read The Startup Bluebook

Ryan Coon - Taking the Path Toward Entrepreneurship


Ryan Coon started out as an investment banking associate at BMO Capital Markets, then left this high paying job to travel, taught himself to code and launched a tech startup called Avail, an all-in-one software solution designed for DIY landlords that is now used by more than 600,000 landlords and tenants across the US. He is passionate about hustling and building wealth while remaining strong-willed and purposeful and wants to help others to do the same.
What we discussed:
  • What it takes to leave a high-paying job and build a business from nothing.
  • Everything you need to know about building a software as a service (SAAS) company: from coding to partners & everything in between.
  • Why persistence is key in running a venture capitalists (VC) backed start-up.
  • How to stay positive & keep investing in yourself

Vince Mastrovito - Bringing your kids into the business?

A certified exit planning advisor, Vincent is the founder and president of Prometis Partners. He began his career in 1989 providing wealth management services to businesses and individuals. After two decades with Lincoln Financial Group, confident in his own experience, Vincent built his own firm, Prometis Partners.  During his years as an independent succession planning advisor, Vincent has discovered his true passion for working closely with business owners on exit planning strategies. He brings his experience and enthusiasm for finding solutions to each new challenge.
Today we discuss the following questions:
Why should you consider this?
What challenges are there?
What makes a successful relationship?

Kathleen Quinn-Votaw - People Continuity


Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO of TalenTrust, Author of Solve the People Puzzle and professional speaker talks about People Continuity.

Questions we discussed:
In these challenging times how should leaders "put people first"?
What tools do you recommend for leaders to understand the employee health of their organization?
What can organizations do to be prepared for the recovery?

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Peter Williamson - Is Your Business Aligned With Your Goals? (K1517)


Peter Williamson of Action Coach discusses the first step of coaching -- aligning the business with the owner's goals.

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Barry Moniak - Synergistic Culture (K2617)

Barry Moniak is an Organizational Therapist at End In Mind. His topic is Synergistic Culture and he will discuss interdependence. 

Questions Answered: 

1) What does it take to have a synergistic outcome? 

2) What is interdependence?

3) Why do we resist interdependence? 

Contact Info: 

Website: endinmind.com 


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Jeff Prager - The Cash Flow King


Jeff Prager, co-founder of The CFO Project, is the Cash Flow King. His company has one purpose: to help you make more money. “We created a system where we go through your numbers on a monthly basis and show you what to look at, when to look at it, how to interpret it and what to do about it. And, best of all, you don’t need to understand accounting or finance.” 

Jeff’s breadth of experience is remarkable and extremely valuable to entrepreneurs. He’s been a CPA for over 40 years, so he understands all the confusing numbers stuff. But he’s also an author, speaker, and life-long entrepreneur, not just some paper pusher. 

He has been a former CEO/CFO and owner of several successful multimillion-dollar companies. He was: 
•    One of the founders of Ashworth Golf Clothing
•    The CFO/partner of a large land development company
•    The owner of Strauss Homes, which was once rated as the second largest privately owned home builder in Colorado and in the top 100 privately owned companies of Colorado (2003). 
•    Jeff has helped dozens of businesses become stronger over many many years of entrepreneurship, and business development.

Because of his vast experience as both a CPA and a business owner, he has a firm grasp on the challenges businesses face whether they’re start-ups or seasoned pros. He's great at simplifying the numbers and an expert at providing a clear road map to improved profitability and cash flow.

What are the reasons a lot of businesses aren't profitable? 
Why don't business owners have more freedom ?
What are the 5 steps to break this cycle?

Contact information: jeff@theCFOProject.com.  We offer a free right-fit call: https://thecfoproject.com/rightfit-jeff/ and we are finishing up a new book called "Make More Money; The business Owner’s 5 step plan for bringing home more cash".

Vince Mastrovito - Family Alignment

vine_mastrovito8uzrd.jpgToday Vince and I discuss "Family Alignment" - what it is, how to get it, and what it feels like when it's in place.

To contact Vince, visit www.PrometisPartners.com


Stacey Golden-Lisnock - Planning Techniques for a Stress-Free Legacy


We talk about the catch 22 the business owner can be caught in when a health issue or death arises.
How can business owners help their employees to be better prepared for a stress-free legacy?
How can the business owners make sure they are optimally prepared for all possible outcomes?

For free Advance Digital Directive, text “Bill” to 714-709-2027
visit the website: GotItTogetherNow.com
email questions to" Hello@GotItTogetherNow.com

Rick Terrien - Exploring Entrepreneurship In The Second Half Of Life


Rick Terrien, author of the new book Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age, describes how older workers can plan and launch small, independent businesses of their own to build more financial and personal resiliency into their lives


• What are the biggest impediments older workers face when considering entrepreneurship?
• What are the key steps to take for those considering entrepreneurship in the second half of life?
• What is the key takeaway from your book?

The book (Ageless Startup) is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BookShop, IndieBound and many others, or visit www.ageless-startup.com

Pat Soldano - Current Family Business Concerns and Trends


Patricia M. Soldano has spent over 30 years providing family office services. She developed Cymric Family Office Services into a multi-family office in 1996, and sold to GenSpring Family Offices in January 2009, where she was Managing Director of Western Region for GenSpring for 5 years and then a Family Office Consultant to GenSpring until December of 2017. Ms. Soldano is now a Family Business and Family Office Consultant working directly with families herself.

Today, we talked about the recent Family Enterprise USA 2020 Annual Family Business Survey - concerns and trends of Family Businesses.
Read the survey at www.familyenterpriseusa.com