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Jim McComb - Certain Success in An Uncertain Future

March 26, 2021



Jim McComb, a Pathfinder at Wild Card Strategy, is in the business of helping others find certain success in an uncertain future. Wild Card Strategy evolved as he began to work with business owners, and found their biggest problem was dealing with future uncertainties. He specializes in working with leaders to strategically plan, develop, and execute business tactics that factor in plausible wild cards. Jim defines “wild card” as anything, either positive or negative, that may disrupt life as we know it, and therefore change the way we can do business. 

Though Jim’s interview has been resurrected from a few years ago, his information is more relevant than ever. The only thing we can be certain of is constant change, and Jim proposes that by identifying possible wild cards, we can plan ahead and prepare strategies for these events ahead of time. The most successful people are able to anticipate the future and get there before their competition does. Jim shares various examples of forethought and innovation that led to revolutions in how we do things, as well as ways of looking at negative change as an opportunity for positive growth. Additionally, Jim shares the one thing that truly drives all business, and how you can find it. Jim’s impressive foresight and wisdom may be the key to growing and adapting your business in ways you never imagined.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:56-6:51: In a chilling moment from the past, he talks of the ebola outbreak and how diseases can potentially affect business in the future.
  • 9:13-10:14: Defining success in your own terms as a path to becoming a “winner.”
  • 11:52-12:47: “Those who can anticipate the future and get there first are the winners...”
  • 12:58-14:13: Describes “The Crystal Ball” - the one thing that will drive all business.
  • 17:24-18:40: An example of how to find success despite the negative wild card event happening
  • 18:58-19:56: What opportunities may be created by a plausible wild card? Disruption can fuel new ways of doing business - extremely relevant to today’s crisis.

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