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Tess Cox - Coaching: The 5 C’s of Leadership & Life-Long Learning

May 20, 2021

CoxTess75i4v.pngTess Cox, Principal of Tess Cox and Associates, has a myriad of skills, but ultimately aims to assist others in personal and professional transformational change. She believes that choice, not chance, determines your destiny. Feedback is crucial to self-awareness, and self-awareness allows us to grow more effectively. Coaching is essential to maximizing our potential. 

In her interview, Tess not only shares the 5 C’s of leadership, but also redefines the term leader. She stresses the importance of work-life congruency and aligning both to fit our personalities. Above all, Tess discusses the need to have a well-defined personal philosophy in order to continually make more confident decisions. Tess also shares a few examples of how she has helped her clients experience the outcomes they desire when working with and influencing others. The wisdom shared by Tess could improve your entire life, as well as your business, and should not be passed over.