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Harry Barth - Asset Protection Can Lead to Reasonable Resolutions

February 22, 2017


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Harry Barth, BarthCalderon, LLP discusses a primary goal of Asset Protection strategic planning -- to slow down the litigation process so that reasonable resolutions can be achieved.


Harry: “I think a very important component to understand is that as with all business deals, asset protection being just one of them, is to be able to settle a proposed claim within reasonable limits. It’s very, very difficult to do that if you’re in the jeopardy of losing your home, losing your business, and losing your life savings, so I think that it’s important that asset protection is granule. We look at the various components, we take into consideration all of the goals and objectives of our particular clients. And there’s not one particular size fits all, every situation is very, very different, every background is different, every family make up is different, every business transaction is different."

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