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Christine Miles - How Does Senior Management Keep Employees Mindful of Major Goals?

March 17, 2017

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Bill: How can senior management keep employees focused on the strategic goals of the company? We asked expert Christine Miles.


Christine: I think, sometimes the senior leadership is very clear, but they have a whole organization to move to those initiatives, and people have shifting priorities all day long. And so, how do they keep them on top of those initiatives while dealing with their fast paced world and and what they're bombarded with? Does everybody understand why we're doing this and what we're trying to accomplish, and then are we all going about that in a similar way? And so the alignment around that, hence the Art of the Nudge, of our framework that we've developed, is really the engine that drives the car. And so, understanding the story, telling the story and developing that story so that people are called to that action and inspired to action as part of that. So, I think sometimes it's the gap between what the senior leadership knows and what gets down to the people who have to initiate all that activity. 


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