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David Scranton - Sound Income Strategies (K0817)

November 8, 2017


New York-based Sound Income Strategies was founded by David Scranton of Scranton Financial Group, Connecticut. One of the nation’s most successful and respected independent financial advisors, David Scranton has been specializing in the universe of income-generating savings and investment strategies for over 15 years. Prior to that, he followed a typical business model based heavily on stock market-based investment strategies. But in late 1999, Scranton’s knowledge of stock market history enabled him to foresee the coming 2000 stock market collapse and the onset of a new 20-plus year secular bear market cycle. Since changing his business model, Scranton has built a thriving personal practice based on “defensive” income-based financial strategies designed to help protect clients from the dramatic stock market fluctuations and economic uncertainties of the past 15 years. He’s also taught hundreds of advisors nationwide how to do the same for their clients.
A highly sought-after stock market expert who frequently shares his insights on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and other national outlets, Scranton recognized a need to again change his business model in late-2013. That’s when the Federal Reserve first announced the impending end of its unprecedented quantitative easing efforts after six years. Anticipating one of the outcomes would be the eventual end of a 33-year trend of overall declining interest rates, Scranton knew the time was right to launch Sound Income Strategies, a Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in the active management of individual fixed income securities.

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