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Chris Hill - End of Life Planning

March 11, 2017

Christopher-Hill.jpgHost: Bill Black Audio Library: www.ExitCoachRadio.com

Chris Hill discusses decisions that have to be made after the worst happens, and how you make the difficult process easier. 




Chris: When somebody passes, there are about 150 decisions that need to be made within a 24 to 48 hour period, and there is no guide, there is no funeral director that takes you through all this stuff. There are so many things surrounding that, I don't even have enough time in an hour to tell you what they are. But, you have all these decisions to make, and at the same time, you've lost your spouse. And think about this, you've lost two things, you've lost their companionship and their income. Now, by companionship, I mean everything you did in your life, you did with that person, every decision you made. Now, you're own your own, and you've got a decision to make where you don't know what they wanted, how they wanted it, they're not with you to help guide you. 

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