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Don Burzen - Exit Preparedness

March 2, 2017


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Don: There is somehow this aversion to the terminology of being viewed to be planning an exit. I have taken to characterize the process that I go through as endurance. I really have done it that way because what I do is try to help business owners prepare by building endurance across three distinct areas. And one is endurance for their businesses so that it can be sustainable after they’re gone, and we know that that’s one of the very important critical factors that a prospective buyer looks at. Two is establishing endurance for their personal wealth so that the after tax proceeds for their eventual transfer is enhanced and endured for family. And three is confirming the endurance of their personal performance. For those people that really want to move on voluntarily, we need to be taking steps to be making sure that the next phase of their life provides as much satisfactions as they’ve realized through business ownership. 

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