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John Nelson - Operations in a Multi-Family Office (G1717)

July 17, 2017

John Nelson discusses the business, finances, administration, and concierge services of affluent families. 

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John: In terms of family office and affluent families, there's a theme, usually, of legacy. Of trying to keep the family together, trying to keep those assets flowing from generation to generation, realizing they've got to pay their fair share of taxes, but they don't want to be hammered. Many want to appreciate the good graces while they accumulate it, and want to do some good with it, and that's the philanthropy side, but they also want to do well. The other side of philanthropy is it creates tax optimization. Sometimes, a lot families get involved in say, health technologies, or healthcare, medical, those kinds of things so they'll be charitable and involved in that area, maybe have their own foundation, contribute to other foundations, support some private companies, as well. 

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