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Tammy DeLeeuw - What’s In Your Database?

March 1, 2017

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Bill: You might be missing out on huge opportunities to get new business from existing customers. Here’s Tammy DeLeeuw:

Tammy: Where business owners really fail, after talking to hundreds of them, is they don’t think about their own database first. How do I get the people that already love me, that already trust me, that already think that I am the cream cheese of life, how do I get those people to go and tell their friends, their neighbors, and their relatives, without seeming like I’m begging? Database marketing, finding new ways to engage them…that could be with videos, they bought a widget from you, maybe they need parts for that, maybe they need to come in and bring it back and have you maintain it, you send little videos out that will help them remember to come back and see you, or remember to tell their Uncle John about you, or whatever. It’s really about content, it’s not about selling them something. 

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