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Gail Trugman Nikol - What is the Cost of Lost Knowledge?

March 9, 2017

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Gail: You know, if you document your procedures before selling your company, or before a key employee leaves, the documentation ensures that employees follow best practices no matter who does the tasks. If you do it right it provides that detailed step-by-step of how and why a task is performed. The other thing we like a company to do, is we know that the big picture is easy to see if you have process work flows. You can spot inefficiencies and areas that need improvement immediately. I recommend that all private companies should create workflows of their processes, their procedures, and their tasks. I also mentioned we do some consulting, and since we are spending time with our clients to learn that inner working of the company, we're gonna offer you a fresh perspective on what is and is not working efficiently. You know, that might even include not having the right people on the seats in the bus, and I've seen that often enough with many of my clients. 

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