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Jasmine Sandler - Build a Powerful Social Brand that will Lead to Business (G0917)

July 9, 2017
Jasmine Sandler is a global digital marketing and sales consultant and trainer in the areas of Online Branding, SEO and B2B Social Media. She has been the CEO of a Digital Agency since 2006, and has a niche service that she provides for CEOs and small business owners called Personal Branding Online. Jasmine recently published her 3rd book called "How to Brand Yourself Online Like A CEO" with a related Social Branding Course for business owners. 
Questions Answered: 
1) How do I help business owners think differently about their business?
2) What do I provide in training and role playing with my clients and how does it help them to achieve better digital marketing results?
3) How does Social Branding support the business owner?
Contact Info: 
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