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Jim McComb - Certain Success in An Uncertain Future

November 19, 2016


Jim McComb is a Pathfinder at WildCardStrategy.com. He is in the business of helping businesses and other organizations position themselves for certain success in an uncertain future, and is going to talk about The One Thing that will drive all true business.

Questions Discussed:

1) The future IS uncertain; how can ANY organization guarantee their own success in that future?

2. What is that One Thing that will drive all business success in the future?

3. What are Wild Cards? Won't they derail that "certain success?"

Contact Info: 

Email Address: jamesamccomb@gmail.com

Website: www.WildCardStrategy.com

Bonus Material: 

Go to www.WildCardStrategy.com to get a copy of Jim's book, "Blueprint for Certain Success." You can also find a free e-copy of Jim's "Certain Success Audit" at WildCardStrategy.com, as well.

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