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John Ayling - Shortage of Financing Capital (G1117)

July 11, 2017

A 1 minute excerpt from a recent interview with John Ayling. Hear the full interview by entering 'John Ayling' into our search index at www.ExitCoachRadio.com. We upload new content daily so check back often!


John: I'm into financing businesses, so number one, your finances have to be in pretty good shape, especially if it's something we have to have so we can do SEC audits. Now, we're not necessarily saying they need SEC audits done, but they have to have trackability of their sources, of where they bought, what they sold, what barters they rent, and their financial statements. I think they should have an idea of what the opportunities are, what kind of opportunities they see. Because they're in the industry, and we're not. We have to find people to find people that are in that industry, so they have to know the industry pretty well, which they should. It has to be something that would be appealing to them to buy. If they were looking at a company, what would they need? 

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