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Steve Beatty - Put Away the Cookie Cutter - This is a Custom Planning Job (K0317)

November 3, 2017

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Bill: One things for sure, when you're planning your exit strategy, a cookie cutter approach is just not going to cut it. Listen to this expert advice from planner Steve Beatty. 

Steve: You've got to look at what the owner's particular needs are, what their particular situation is, what their goals, and what their fears are. You've got to take all that into account and come up with customized solutions. A solution that we've used a lot, that I think is underutilized, is an ESOP. The benefits of having a readymade market, the employees of the business, to enjoy the tax benefits that ESOPs can provide, and create a lot of potential wealth for those employees, it's a win-win solution that I think a lot of people don't use because they simply don't understand how it works and what the benefits are. 


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