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Rhett Bray - What Your Broker Can Do To Help Contain Costs

March 6, 2017


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Rhett Bray of BeaconPath discusses how employers can use the services of a Broker to contain medical insurance costs.


Bill: Medical insurance is a big part of your budget. How do you contain those costs? We ask medial expert, Rhett Bray. 

Rhett: We'll talk about wellnesses, how we can start to communicate the importance of wellness, and that we give the people and the employers the opportunities to do things that will help them to become healthier. We start to educate them on the importance of annual physicals, we start to educate them on preventative care. Women do this quite well, men have the tendency to wait until body parts don't work, and then they go, which can be late. And it's interesting, we take better care of our car, we change the oil, we see the lamplight come on, and for a lot of us, we don't do the maintenance that we should do on a regular basis. That will identify a lot of issues people have, that now you can start to address easily through medication, through exercise, or diet. There are just a few key areas that you can identify that will drive these higher costs. 

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