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Steve Chevarria - Building a Culture of Health

June 1, 2016


Steve Chevarria is the CEO of Pansalus Consulting. Pansalus is a team of behavioral engagement experts that helps organizations to improve the health and productivity of their employees. Through our culture discovery process, strategic engagement planning, and scientific analytic solutions, they help create an environment where healthy behaviors are encouraged and valued.

Questions Discussed:

1) Why will changing the culture help an organization? 
2) Can you give me an example of how this is different from a "traditional" wellness program?
3) What is the experience of your team?

Contact Info: 

Email Address: Steve@pansalus.com

Bonus Material: 

Send an email to MakeWellnesswork@pansalus.com and receive the Pansalus industry white paper which includes our discovery process, outcomes, and engagement strategies.

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