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Garry Spinks - The Changing Landscape of the Employee Value Proposition (G1517)

July 15, 2017


Host: Bill Black Audio Library: www.ExitCoachRadio.com 
Garry Spinks discusses employee preferences and needs and how your business can adapt to the changing employee landscape.  


Garry: There's a lot of organizations that do a great job at knowing what their business is, what their financials are, what their competitors do, what their strategy is...but the element that sometimes is overlooked is: what about our employees? What are their preferences, what are their needs, are we meeting their needs? And that's why we talk about the employee value proposition. We really think organizations, they know the first three things we mentioned, but they should really put a microscope on: what are employee preferences and needs, and are we meeting those? Because the workforce is changing dynamically right now, and the war for talent is getting no less, there's less people to do all the jobs. 

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