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Larry Bell - Turning Life Insurance into a Planning Tool

March 8, 2017

09dd7d8.jpgLarry Bell discusses group term life insurance, and the benefits of turning it into a tax planning tool. 

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Bill: A lot of people think group term life insurance is just a throw away benefit that your offer for employees. Here, you come off and say, "wait a minute, that could be an incredible, tax beneficial planning tool?"


Larry: So, today, we want to talk about a time tested approach using group term life insurance, a section 79 plan, to provide benefits for your employees, but also have a small group of those special employees that you want to handle differently, for just the owner themselves. And, we can set this up, and we don't have to fund it until the following October 15th of the year that we're getting the deduction for and that we're funding for the selected employees. 

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