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Scott Bulloch - Private Equity Management (I2917)

September 29, 2017


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Scott: A private equity buyer may not be the highest buyer, a strategic may actually pay more. A strategic may pay a premium. The challenge is, like you just said, if you’re a business owner, do you really want to go to your competitor and expose your business? Now, as a private equity firm, it is necessary over a certain period of years, that the private equity owner will want to sell that business. It’s not a flip, but it is preparing a business for an eventual second’s transaction. That could be considered a con to some business owners. Another negative is sometimes a private equity firm could have really good intentions, without strategy and strategic insight, and it just doesn’t materialize. Sometimes we think that we’re smarter than we really are, and once we get in there we don’t have as much strategic value as the seller may have thought we had. That is a risk that the seller needs to be aware of. 


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