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Wally Hauck - Don’t Damage Employee Engagement (F1217)

June 12, 2017











Wally Hauck discusses the damaging effects that controlling strategies can have on employee engagement.

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Wally: I just made a presentation at a Vistage-like group today, and the guy said, "Well, you know, we pay people bonuses based on their performance behaviors." And I said, "Well, give me an example of a performance behavior." And he said, "Working with a sense of urgency." And I said, "Okay, how do you define urgency?" "Well, I know it when I see it." Oh, okay. See, that's a judgement. When the boss walks by, you can look busy, right? In fact, when the boss isn't there, the other employees are saying, "Hey! Slow down, you're making us look bad. We need some overtime." And so, employees will get around this stuff. You know, when you try to control them, you can't do it. You can't even control your kids at home, how are you going to control your employees? They have to want to put the effort in, which is engagement. So, setting up an environment that's engaging is the key. And, when you're judging them, it's gonna damage engagement, that's one of the things that it does, it damages engagement. 


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