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Dave G - What Good is a Part-Time CFO? (K0617)

November 6, 2017

Dave G (aka Dave Gajdzik), Managing Partner of Dave G CFO discusses the value of hire an experienced CFO part-time for business owners who do not have the budget for a full-time CFO.


Dave: In simplest format, I provide CFO services for those firms that have yet to justify the cost of a full-time CFO, and I like to take the position that every firm should have a CFO, but the reality is in a business somewhere between $3M and $50M, they really can't afford that individual because it appears to be an overhead function. That's where we come in and we fulfill that void that's there. So, I don't need to work there 40 hours a week, maybe it's only 8, maybe it's 12, maybe it's 4, it depends upon every client. It doesn't matter whether you're in construction, distribution, internet, manufacturing, non-profit, paper industry, we can address all of those based upon the as needed basis. You know, doctors, we'd like to have a doctor handy anytime we need them. Well, what is it? It's on an as needed basis. Most companies don't have attorneys on staff. What is it? It's on an as needed basis. So, the CFO is really in that same league as the attorneys and the doctors, and when you need them, you need that professional with the formally educated background and the experience. So that's what we fulfill and that's how we make it happen. 


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