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Linda Duffy - Which Assets Get More Valuable With Time? (G0417)

July 4, 2017








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In this 1 minute highlight, Linda Duffy, President and Founder, Ethos Human Capital Solutions discusses the importance of recognizing that it is your Human Assets -- your key people, that are getting more valuable with each passing day.


Linda: The thing about human capital assets, is they're actually the only asset that appreciates over time instead of depreciates over time. So, they're going to develop new knowledge, skills, and abilities, they're going to have tribal knowledge or organizational knowledge that takes a long time to replace when it walks out the door. And so, anything that you can do to develop those assets is great, and to make sure you're getting the right ROI or ROA, whatever it is that you want. Choose some metrics for your industry, for your organization, and measure them. It may be revenue per payroll dollar, or per full-time headcount, something like that. It could be air rates, it could be productivity per employee, whatever is appropriate for your organization. 

Bill: Is that an area that you can help employers, to help them figure out where to go to get those metrics, or what would be reasonable?

Linda: Yeah, absolutely. We can come in and look at the business, I get pretty involved with the CEO or the business owner, to actually understand the business and take a look and those numbers to make sure they are trending in the right direction. 

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