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Joan Ridley - You Might Be Ready to Leave, but is Your Business Ready? (H2917)

August 29, 2017


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Joan Ridley discusses the appropriate steps to selling your business, including thinking like a buyer!

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Joan: This surprises a lot of people, Bill, but I really believe that whether you are going to transfer ownership to family, or to employees, or to third party, you still have to go through the same steps. The first thing business owners need to do, I think, is to start thinking like a buyer and a banker. Because, let's be honest, that's what's gonna drive the transaction regardless of what strategy you use. But the thing is, it's real hard to do that. I got a new client yesterday, and he said, I want you here because I need a fresh set of eyes on what we're doing, and even though they're doing a great job, I could see immediately the things that we need to tackle. So, step back and look at your business as a banker and a buyer would.



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