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Tim Templeton - Twitter: Why You Should Give a Tweet

April 25, 2017

3d5c74f5-552c-4ffd-b836-c9c1f2371669.jpgTim Templeton of Templeton Interactive discusses some of the ways that Twitter is evolving and why it is a relevant and important tool for business.

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Bill: What's the best way to use Twitter and other social media? We ask expert Tim Templeton. 

Tim: I just had a friend ask me today, I don't really get Twitter, what is the value? And I said, you know, it's 2 things, it's self-promotion, or business promotion in his case, and it's research. So, if you want people to know who you are and what you're doing, you create content, you create blog content. You want people to see it, one of the best ways to get it out in front of people is to send out an announcement using Twitter. Likewise, if you're trying to find people in your ecosystem, your business, the analysts, the re-sellers, potential partners, you can find them by their activity on Twitter, you can interact with them, you can follow them, you can re-Tweet things that they're sending, and you can create a relationship that way, which is a lot easier than it used to be in the old days. 

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