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Jim Immel - Clarity Helps You Ask The Right Questions L0517)

January 15, 2022

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Jim Immel, Founder of Immel and Associates, Inc. explains how Clarity is critical before implementing plans and being clear about your questions is key. 


Jim: One of the things to realize is, that when we're helping these individuals, they could be asking the wrong questions. And, I just think that a lot of times what I see is that things move too fast, that we actually ask the business owner what they want, and we actually believe the answer that they give us. And, one of the realities is, they may tell you the answer to that, but they may have started down the wrong path by asking the wrong question upfront, and now they're starting to run down a pathway that might cause either themselves, from a tax stand point, or the employee standpoint, or even from a customer standpoint, it might cause some strife. And so to just really go slow upfront, the tagline I have is clarity, confidence, courage, really invest time on the clarity standpoint upfront, making sure that you ask the questions to get them to look at things a little bit different than maybe where they are. Find people willing to be challenged, the people that are willing to be challenged are also more likely to go through change. 

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