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Hema Dey - Marketing is Like a War Game

December 22, 2020


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Hema Dey, of Iffel International, discusses the mechanics of an effective marketing program.


Bill: We asked marketing strategist Hema Dey for some key ideas and strategies for business owners to think about when developing their marketing plan.

Hema: Marketing is like a war game, so you really need to understand the landscape of the people that you want to sell to, and who your competitors are. We always produce a functional marketing plan. Another thesis, which is three months worth of work, but something that you can actually  go out and say, right, roughy, this is your target market, here are your threats, your competitors, and what you’re up against, and really measure what those gaps are to make sure that the sales model, and I know a lot of people see the word “sales” as a big taboo word, but a business cannot survive without sales and if you apply that right across even the professional service sector…if people can actually put a sales organization within their business, then I think they’ve got it right. 

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