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Tim Voorhees - Minimizing Capital Gains with Advanced Techniques

January 19, 2020

In this 1 minute highlight, Tim Voorhees, Managing Partner - MatsenVoorhees Law discusses an overview of a tax reduction technique called "Capital Gains Split Dollar".


Tim: We started with charitable remainder trust back in the 1980s, but the industry and the tax code have both evolved to the point where there are now much more sophisticated vehicles. One of the clever techniques we've developed over the last couple years is a solution referred to as, Capital Gains, Split Dollar. We simply have a client with an appreciated business have the buyer put the money in a trust for the benefit of our seller, our client, and when the buyer puts the money in the trust they receive a Split Dollar Agreement, so there's no current tax on the transaction. Moreover, if the client invests the money in the trust tax efficiently, there's only a very small tax, and the wealth grows tax efficiently, so the client can then borrow it out with tax-free loans throughout his or her lifetime, and know that the balance will pass tax-free to the children. And, when you look at the benefits of that type of Capital Gains, Split Dollar solution, you see that the client literally can have two, three, four times more wealth as opposed to just selling a business in a taxable transaction. 

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