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Rickard Hansson - Draining Brains to Accelerate Growth (H1917)

May 23, 2021

Rickard Hansson, Incentive Corp. suggests that, rather than holding their wisdom inside, that if key employees shared their ides and methodologies it could spark creative collaboration that could create new and improved ideas for company growth. Our Exit Coach Network features several other Shows on a variety of topics. Go to www.ExitCoachRadio.com and click on "Exit Coach Network" under the "LISTEN" section.


Rickard: I want to drain the brain of the co-workers and get no so dependent on key-persons, because you are, and they know that they are the key things, so that's where we want to attack, in some sense. When you implement this, you have to make sure everyone is on board. Typically in the beginning, you have to get the ambassadors, people who want it, early adopters, as soon as possible, because the key persons, the key employees, are usually the last ones because they want to keep their knowledge because it's a part of their power. Of course, you're part of the company because you know something, and you're obviously a key player, but holding that information isn't a part of that, because if you hold that information, I think you stop evolving, as well. But if you bring the things you have to the table, and put it into our system, you will, as a key person probably progress, educate yourself, and bring more to the table, and the company will also be up to speed in terms with the knowledge and discuss new ideas, and move even faster than their competitors.