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Aaron Weiner - What You Don’t Know About Your Lease Can Hurt You (K0417)

December 16, 2018

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAj0AAAAJGRhNGQ2N2YyLTBjOGEtAaron Weiner is the Sr. Vice President of Bailes & Associates. Aaron is in the business of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and focuses on tenant representation. 

Questions Answered: 

1) "Real estate leases are long and full of fine print and legalese. How much of it is really negotiable?"
2) "Can you give me an example (or a couple of examples) of a lease clause that tenant's don't pay much attention to that can be negotiated to their benefit?"
3) "Most tenants equate high image with a fancy location and high rent. Are there other considerations they should be taking into account?" 

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