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Ahmad Munawar - Fix Your Pipeline in 90 days

March 15, 2021


Ahmad Munawar (AH-med MUN-ah-wahr) is the creator of the 90-Day Pipeline, a coaching program that helps B2B consultants and service providers fill their pipeline with 5- and 6-figure deals, without begging for referrals, wasting time networking, or spending a dime on advertising

“Clients should be lining up to work with me.” “I should be charging way more for the value I provide.” “I wish I could work with better clients who appreciate my expertise.” You might just hear something like this from a consultant or B2B service provider before they connect with Ahmad Munawar. As owner/founder of Boutique Growth, Ahmad helps consultants and professional service providers design a more predictable way to generate new business and consistently win 5-and 6-figure deals...without begging for referrals or wasting time with networking. Ahmad knows the frustration a business owner can feel when their business isn’t living up to its potential.

Today we talk about marketing and why you need to "put it on automatic". Through his proven 90-Day Pipeline system, Ahmad’s clients walk away with: 1. Radical focus on who they can deliver the most value to at the highest price 2. Powerful positioning that puts them head-and-shoulders above the competition 3. A step-by-step marketing plan to turn strangers into high-paying clients 4. More CONFIDENCE in their business than ever before