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Al Zdenek - Plan Your Life and Business for How to You Want to Live Now and in the Future!

September 9, 2020


Speaker, author and entrepreneur Al Zdenek has empowered tens of thousands of people to live the lives they want now and in the future by demystifying the concepts surrounding personal finance. As a nationally recognized wealth advisor, Al’s repeatable processes and common sense approach has helped his clients make the 100% correct financial decisions all of the time.


We discussed the following questions and more:
1.    Why should an entrepreneur or business owner plan their business around what they want in life? 
2.    How does a business owner/entrepreneur begin make sure to plan the business around how they wish to live now and in the future?
3.    How did you reach financial independence by living the life you wanted to live?
4.    What three pieces of advice would you give to someone to achieve this?

Having a Championship Team of experts by your side is the first step towards consistent and powerful wealth generation. Learn simple, common-sense steps for building a team of A-players with Al’s free online mini-course.

These 8 videos, with worksheets, will help business owners and everyday people alike to begin to master their cash flow, finances, and achieve life they want now and into the future.