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Alison Gokal - Contingency Law: Equal Access to Lawyers No Matter Your Current Socio-Economic Status

June 15, 2020

Screen_Shot_2020-06-14_at_114455_PM_b0qfk.pngAlison Gokal, of Gokal Law Group, Inc. is a Personal Injury and Trust Litigation Attorney and Provisors member. She is a self-proclaimed warrior for the injured and wronged, seeking to bring justice through litigation. After experiencing trauma caused by a manufacturer’s negligence as a child, she has made it her personal mission to ensure manufacturers are held accountable and aims to right their wrongs with all means available. Alison uses a business model which enables her to provide justice not only for those with the means to hire an attorney, but for anyone who has been wronged. 

In her interview, Alison speaks to the importance of justice. If a business or individual has put their own greed and interests over the safety and well-being of people, they must be held accountable. Alison knows they can’t undo what happened, but knows they can ensure it won’t happen again. She provides useful tips for what you should do if you may have been wronged by a manufacturer and identifies patterns that may reveal a misuse of trust funds. If you understand your rights, you’re able to be a better advocate for yourself, so don’t miss out on Alison’s valuable information.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 4:53-5:53: An explanation of the episode topic title.
  • 6:35-7:47: Alison explains that she seeks to provide justice and not clog up courtrooms with litigation.
  • 12:51-13:47: Patterns to look for in protecting a trust fund.

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