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Andy Gole - Urgency Based Selling

May 3, 2022


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Back with us again is Andy Gole, of Urgency Based Selling. He’s been helping business owners improve profitable sales for the last 27 years. Andy is also a Vistage member, is the author of “Innovation Now,” and has a storied history in all areas of selling. He has important information regarding sales during Covid to share.

In his interview, Andy discusses some reasons why you should still be reaching out to your clients, despite the current crisis. He explains the idea that if you may be able to help them succeed, there is no reason you shouldn’t reach out. Andy gives powerful insight on the power of creating a sense of urgency when selling and discusses the central paradox of selling. Additionally, in light of the increasingly virtual world, Andy also has some tips for more successful email campaigns. Don’t miss out on Andy’s powerful tips that will help you increase your sales.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 5:28-6:32: The central paradox of selling.
  • 7:26-8:28: Payments in Kind and how they can help level the playing field.
  • 10:27-11:31: When you should reach out to your clients, specific to Covid considerations.
  • 16:25-17:21: The economic return and the “Double Slingshot.”