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Andy Saks - How to Create Great Trade Show Booth Interactions (C2618)

March 29, 2019

10e936a.jpgAndy is in the business of delivering professional trade show booth talent and training that help companies make their booth investments pay off, and is going to talk about ways to help your booth staffers attract, qualify, pitch, and stay connected to as many of your best prospects as possible.

Questions Answered: 

1) Why does it matter how your staffers behave at the booth?
2) What's the key to creating a great booth interaction between your exhibit staffer and a show attendee? 
3) What two personality traits must you exhibit to help you create that great booth interaction?

Contact Info: 

Show host Bill Black is a Certified Exit Planner who helps Business Owners plan for their future  Succession, Exit and Transition. Schedule a complimentary call to discuss your exit planning questions  at www.BBschedule.com, email him at billblack@ersi.biz or visit www.Ersi.biz