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Anthony Mulkern - The Secrets of Exit and Succession Planning

June 29, 2021



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Anthony Mulkern, President of Mulkern Associates, helps CEOs, founders, and business owners increase their enterprise value through executive leadership training. Tony has over 30 years of experience as an executive coach and business consultant. He helps ensure that businesses which eventually go to market become part of the 20% that actually sell. Tony’s expertise will help you position your business to become far more valuable to buyers. 


In his interview, Tony describes some of the many reasons that a majority of businesses never sell, and how you can get yourself into the category of those that do sell. Many business owners don’t realize that what they’re selling is an earning stream. He explains a bit about his methodology in coaching entrepreneurs on how to improve their enterprise value, and therefore become more attractive to buyers. Get a pen and paper ready for Tony’s extremely valuable tips.


1-Minute Sections:
  • 4:17-5:34: An example of a reason why 80% of businesses that go to market do not sell.
  • 6:14-7:11: Explaining why it is a problem if you wait too long to sell.
  • 8:23-9:31: Why you need to be aware of potentially inflated business valuations.
  • 14:14-15:17: Common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when hiring executives.
  • 18:50-19:45: Some characteristics of businesses that will sell.

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