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John Foley - Are You Looking Forward To Buyers Looking Backwards?

March 29, 2017

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John Foley and David Shaffer discuss the benefits of preparing for due diligence early.



Bill: How can you be prepared for what your buyer’s are going to be looking for? Here’s expert John Foley.

John: What we usually share with a client is that if they are looking for an exit-strategy, particularly looking towards an investment firm, they’re gonna have to demonstrate not only a future revenue projection, but also historical performance. So, if we’re in a start-up mode, it’s not realistic to expect that someone’s gonna jump in like Google and buy you on day one. You really need to have that 3 to 5 year history behind you. So, for us, it’s saying, start at any time, the earlier the better, and based on where you are in your life cycle, let’s determine what the appropriate target exit is, what is the multiple target, how are we gonna reach that value?

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