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Ashley Micciche - Planning for the future in the COVID-19 era (C0423)

April 27, 2020


Back with us again is Ashley Micciche of True North Retirement Advisors. Ashley and her father started True North as a way to help business owners with a smooth transition into retirement. Previously, she discussed ways to prevent an exit from causing everything to fall apart, however in today’s environment she explains what to do when things are already falling apart. Ashley offers some ideas for what you can do now to help your future retirement, even while business is at a standstill.


Ashley’s expertise helping business owners ensure they have everything they need for retirement is extremely valuable, especially if they’re hoping to retire in the next five years. She asks owners to consider what would happen to their business if they or a family member got sick. Whether your business has been completely halted, or just slowed down due to the pandemic, her advice may help your profit margins go up when the economy bounces back. Finally, she shares a few indispensable tips, useful for all business owners who one day hope for an easy retirement process.

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