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Barry Moniak - Don‘t Resist Interdependence

October 29, 2021

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAScAAAAJGIzYTBjOWNlLTVmNTctBarry Moniak is an Organizational Therapist at End In Mind. Today, his topic is Synergistic Culture and he will discuss the importance of interdependence. 

Questions Answered: 
1) What does it take to have a synergistic outcome?
2) What is interdependence?
3) Why do we resist interdependence?

What does Barry Moniak believe?

He believes that all human beings have the innate desire to become better versions of themselves. Every innovative leader knows this.

He believes that the workplace is the ideal place for this transformation to take place; not the mountain top, seaside, church or synagogue; not even the latest greatest get motivated seminar. The job site is the place to achieve enlightenment!

We do not typically think of the workplace as the best environment in which to become better quality human beings. But it is. The world of business, the place we spend so much time together, provides the perfect playing field – the tough, no-nonsense, yet highly creative space in which we discover who we really are; learn to work and play well with others; and evolve daily to become our best selves. This is what Innovative Leadership is all about.

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