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Ben Krueger - Fundamental Principles of Podcasting

June 27, 2020


Ben Krueger, Founder of Cashflow Podcasting, is a podcast educator who helps people develop their own podcasts. After an internship, Ben took over production on the company’s podcast and eventually found himself helping others start their own. This marked the start of his company, Cashflow Podcasting, where he helps topic experts with the processes which enable a successful podcast. Ben knows the value of a podcast for maintaining a strong network of relationships.

In his interview, Ben explains why now is a great time to start a podcast and shares an overview of the fundamental principles of podcasting. He discusses why podcasts can become an important branch of your marketing department. Ben shares tips on how to be a successful podcast host regarding mindset and intention, as well as the recent transformation of the state of the world for notorious speakers and why they should turn to podcasts. He also explains why podcasting can help build trust within your network and how this eventually translates to increased business. In a time where the digital space is becoming potentially even more important than the public space, be sure to educate yourself on this fascinating area of communication and use Ben’s wisdom to your advantage.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 7:25-8:42: Why now is a great time to start a podcast.
  • 9:42-10:43: People may not start a podcast because they want to do it right. 
  • 12:43-13:54: The value of having the proper mindset when starting a podcast and how you can attain said mindset.
  • 17:28-18:32: Why you should definitely start a podcast even if there are already shows on your chosen topic. 

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