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Brad Leggett - How Sales Organizations are Changing to Survive Covid

September 21, 2021

Screen_Shot_2020-06-19_at_102223_AM_bctie.pngBack with us again is CEO and Founder of Leggett Sales and Provisors member, Brad Leggett. Brad has been in sales since age 16, and through his career has worked in nearly every aspect of sales. He now specializes in building leading high performance sales teams by determining their team development issues, then developing and implementing solutions for them. Brad has some new ideas you can implement for increasing sales in the current crisis. 

Brad packs a lot of potent information into his interview, including strategies for increasing sales, things that aren’t so different, and tips to master the digital space. He discusses the importance of internalizing that you can be successful in this time, as perception can sometimes be more powerful than reality.

Brad shares powerful tips for making yourself stand out on digital platforms, as well as ways you can re-structure your day for maximum efficiency. He also talks about ways leaders should approach potential layoffs if they are absolutely necessary - and why they should avoid layoffs. This situation is something no one has seen before, but Brad’s insight may be your key to unlocking unexpected success in this unprecedented time.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 5:00-6:02: Mindset, attitude, and perception regarding sales is essential to success.
  • 6:38-7:38: Importance of being human and vulnerable with customers.
  • 9:06-10:05: Perception can be as or more powerful than reality. 
  • 10:28-11:30: We need to consider people’s attention spans being shorter in a digital setting.
  • 14:01-15:15: Some aspects of sales that haven’t changed due to Covid. 
  • 18:48-19:54: Think long term when it comes to layoffs - think about how your actions now will affect your business 12 months from now.