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Brian Johnson - How your business is like an airline flight

July 16, 2021


Brian Johnson is the Founder and Owner of Main & Johnson, a Charlotte, North Carolina, based Business Consulting & Coaching company, aimed at seeing small to medium-sized businesses thrive, not just survive. Brian is a persuasive and adaptable top-performer who is skilled in establishing, managing, and mentoring key executives and business owners as well as individual contributors in a business. He has a passion for changing the cultural fabric of people leadership, marketing, and sales in companies by empowering teams to exceed goals. 


Questions and topics we discussed:

1. What got you interested in owning your own business and consulting that pulled you from the corporate world?
2. What ways do you identify businesses to understand their current situation and when they should be planning for their exit?
3. How do you best engage with businesses to get them to the exit they seek?

Growth strategies in challenging times • The airline analogy for business • Growing through the scale hurdles • Getting out of your own way in business • Building an Exit Strategy for your business • Effective ways to increase price in your business • Not all customers are created equally