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Carl Allen - Growth Through Acquisition

April 6, 2022


Carl Allen, Co-Founder of Dealmaker Wealth Society, is a world-class entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker. He’s enabled over 300 deals collectively valued at nearly $50 billion in the last 3 decades and analyzed thousands of other businesses across industries. Carl is a bona fide serial entrepreneur and expert when it comes to business acquisition. At Dealmaker Wealth Society, Carl is in the business of coaching others to buy, sell, and scale their business. 

In his interview, Carl explains his philosophy on why you should acquire a business rather than start from square one. Most new businesses fail within the first 10 years, with half of them failing in just the first year. By acquiring, you can begin with something already successful or leverage their existing success and expand your business into new areas which are already a proven success. Carl shares ways you can prepare your business to be sellable, along with why you should be prepared due to the upcoming economic forecast. If you work on your business instead of for your business, Carl knows you can find heightened success and fulfillment. Expand your business’ potential by tuning in to Carl’s expertise.

1-Minute Sections:
  • 4:25-5:35: Instead of starting a company fresh, buy a profitable existing business.
  • 6:18-7:20: Criteria for identifying what business you should buy.
  • 11:04-12:18: Challenges Baby Boomers are facing when trying to sell their business.
  • 14:36-15:48: Ways to work on your business and not in your business via solid partnerships.
  • 18:19-19:34: Insight on the transfer of wealth happening in the next 10-15 years.