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Carl Gould - Adapt and Grow!

March 8, 2021


Carl is the coach of all coaches and the mentor of all mentors, having personally trained over 7000 people in the business - more than anyone else in the country! A business growth expert, author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Carl’s career started by accident when he broke his leg and dropped out of his undergraduate accounting and finance program. He needed a new path so he turned to what he knew best- landscaping. Carl scaled that business into a 7-figure business and then sold it in 1992. He has now built three multi-million dollar businesses -all before age 40. Carl has mentored CEOs of some of the biggest companies out there including Walmart, IBM and the US Army. He has also authored 3 best-selling books on business strategy and growth (most recently Biz Dev Done Right). Carl is married with three children, lives in New Jersey, and co-hosts the Quit & Get Rich radio show.

In this interview Carl shares a wealth of knowledge about how to adapt during COVID and how to increase your business value!