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Chris Ruisi - How to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps (E0517)

June 25, 2021

7rnLdLkh.jpegChris Ruisi, founder and CEO of The Coach’s Zone, is an experienced business coaching professional with an exceptional record of leadership in both large and small businesses. He mentors and guides executives and business leaders to find their “stretch” point to learn the full measure of their capabilities. He helps them to “master being comfortable feeling uncomfortable.” His book “Step Up and Play Big: How to Be Exceptional in 8 Simple Steps” has received wide recognition as being a practical tool for anyone who desires to achieve more.

Questions Asked: 
1. Can you sum up what those 8 steps are?
2. Why is following the crowd a bad thing?
3. What is self-sabotage and why is it harmful?
4. How do employers punish their best employees? 
5. How do mistakes actually help you?
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