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Dana Dattola - Insurance and Covid

February 13, 2021


Our next guest Dana Dattola, Owner of Weaver & Associates, is a third-generation property and casualty insurance broker. She is a certified insurance consultant and a certified risk manager. Dana’s agency often serves as the risk management department of privately owned, growth-oriented businesses who see the value of risk management. She aims to simplify the insurance process, making sure their clients understand the risks and their insurance policies so they can confidently make business decisions.

In her interview, Dana sheds light on insurance in the time of Covid. She discusses business interruption coverage and what you should do if you have it. Dana shares what is happening with employer liability and workers’ comp due to Covid. She also has an offer you don’t want to miss. Among all the uncertainty, be sure to listen to Dana’s expertise to help you stay informed.

1-Minute Sections: 
  • 8:27-9:24: Many agencies are being bought by larger agencies, meaning some of the personal service is being lost and boutiques are doing well.
  • 10:00-11:10: Insurance and Covid - do you have business interruption coverage?
  • 12:55-13:56: What is happening with insurance right now due to Covid and what you should do now.
  • 14:37-15:49: Workers comp is going to pick up - insight on employer’s liability for employee’s health.