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Dave Wilens - Growing Rainmakers

September 1, 2016


Dave Wilens is in the business of Growing Rainmakers and is going to talk about the Best Practices to Impact Top Line Revenue. Impact Sales Coach is a sales consulting, training and coaching company. Over the past 12 years they have improved the sales results for over 40 companies that range in size from 2 Million to a Billion in revenue. These companies range in industries from Food Services, Construction, Manufacturing, IT Consulting, Logistics, Banks & Financial Advisors... to various NFL, NBA and Collegiate Sports Marketing Teams. Impact Sales Coach works with company's that are needing to focus on new businesses development, growing existing customers into deeper partnerships or transitioning existing clients to the next generation of rainmakers. The type of industry doesn't matter... according to Coach Dave, “sales are sales.”

Questions Answered: 

1) How does the manager identify, recruit and hire the right person for the job?
2) Beyond product knowledge what type of ongoing education and training are required to grow rainmakers?
3) When you are speaking to Vistage or other groups of business leaders, what are the main questions, or challenges you are asked about in regards to improving or building a sales organization?

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